STATEMENT SF Consolidation Service on Tmall does not Charge any Non-publicly Announced Fee

  • Dear Customer,


    Recently, there are lawbreakers committing fraud by collecting warehousing fees under the "Tmall SF Consolidation Service" without SF Express’s authority.

    In order to protect the interests of consumers and SF Express brand, SF Express hereby makes a special statement: SF Consolidation Service on Tmall does not charge any unofficial fees which are not publicly announced (Please visit the following website for more information on our consolidation service charges At the same time, we ask for your close attention, if you encounter any unit or individuals asking for "warehousing fee" or any other unofficial fee, please alert, and forthwith contact taobao staff, or contact online customer service through the official channel of SF Consolidation Service to verify details and avoid unnecessary losses.


    Please tell each other, and beware of being deceived!

    SF Express