Packaging Principles

Principle of Firm and Secured Packing

Firm and intact packaging prevents loss or damage of your shipment; protects your shipment from moisture, friction, shock, and pressure/temperature changes; and prevents your shipment from hurting the operator or spilling over the transportation facilities, ground facilities and other equipment.

Principle of Convenient Handling Packing

Your packaged good(s) should fit your shipment's nature, condition, and weight; the outer surface should be clean and dry with no odor or grease; the outer surface should be smooth without any nails, hooks, spines, etc. for convenient handling.

Principle of Appropriate Packing
Appropriate packaging and filling should be used according to the shipment's size, weight, and delivery method to prevent damage caused by insufficient packing material.
Principle of Protective Packing

The outer packaging should be integrated with the protective material, cushioning material and contents of the cargo; if there are multiple contents, there should be no friction, collision, squeezing, or swaying between the contents and the inner wall of the outer packaging.

Principle of Fragile Protection

For fragile goods such as ceramics, glass products, dedicated handicrafts, etc., padded shock-proof materials shall be placed around the inside of the package. Each fragile goods shall be packaged separately with shock-proof materials such as foam or bubble paper.