S.F. Box - Personal Storage Service

  • Service Introduction

    SF Box incorporates the concepts of mini-warehousing, storage box and delivery service, aiming to solve storage problems and create a hassle free environment for you. You can enjoy SF Box service by renting as many boxes as you want in an economical and convenient way. Simply make an order for drop-off, storage and pickup via the mobile app, and enjoy more living space while relaxing at home.

    For SF Box FAQ, please click here  (Lastest Update: December, 2021).

  • Warehouse Facilities

    With our comprehensive facilities, we are dedicated to provide you with an intimate storage service.


    • 24-hour Surveillance


    • Alarm System


    • Fire Protection Equipment


    • Humidity and Pest Prevention


    • Insurance

  • SF Box

    To store your belongings properly, we provide 4 choices of boxes. Please click here for more details.

  • Charges

     Service fee for SF Box is as follows:
       • A. Rental fee (monthly)
       • B. Delivery rate


    • Delivery Cost (Hong Kong): HKD 59 + HKD 20/subsequent box


    • For more details on all charges, please refer to the SF Box mobile APP

  • SF Box Mobile App Functions

    Make an Appointment: Make an appointment for pick up and drop-off on a designated date via the mobile App


    Account Management: Manage personal accounts anytime anywhere: check rental period and payment records, storage details and renew the rental period


    Value Added Services: Change delivery date and address, special delivery arrangement for walk-up buildings, disposal handling


    Promotion: Get the latest promotion information


    Download SF Box Appplease click here

  • Notice for Use

    1. Enjoy a rental exemption period up to 7 working days.


    2. Enjoy a free round trip delivery for the first use.


    3. During rental period, only round trip delivery fee is required for delivering and receiving SF boxes, making the delivery process much easier.


    4. At the end of the rental period, only one-way delivery fee is required to receive stored SF box(es),


    5. Enjoy empty box(es) return services for free.


    6. Terms and Conditions apply.


    7. SF Box Reminder:Please Click here.