Air Cargo
Items prohibited for air transportation by laws
Article1 Deadly poison and infectious materials of all kinds, such as pesticides, thallium, cyanide, arsenic, and tear bomb, etc.;
Article2 Narcotics and psychotropic drugs of all kinds, such as opium (including the opium poppy shell, flower, bud, leaf, etc.), morphine, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana etc.;
Article3 Items prohibited for circulation or delivery by laws, such as arms, imitation arms (imitation guns, knives etc.), ammunition, detonators and explosives of all kinds;

Aviation Safety Control Items

Items that threaten the safety of aviation or substances that may obviously endanger human health and safety or cause damage to property during air transportation. When consigning such items by air, the customer must provide relevant air transportation safety documents, including but not limited to: MSDS (must comply with the latest version of IATA testing standards), UN38.3 report, Shipper’s Declaration for Section II Lithium Cells / Batteries, Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods, magnetic reports, etc., mainly including:

Article1 Explosives, such as fireworks and firecrackers, detonating fuses, etc.;
Article2 Gases, such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguisher, gas cartridge, inflated ball, respirator, explosive automotive airbag, aerosol, gas lighter, gas cylinder, and lamp bulb etc.;
Article3 Flammable liquid, including paint, gasoline, alcohol, engine oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine, thinner, mucilage, perfume, bug spray, and air freshener etc.;
Article4 Flammable solid, pyrophoric substances, and substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water, such as activated carbon, titanium powder, copra, castor products, rubber debris, safety matches, dry white phosphorus , dry yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, and solid gum, etc.;
Article5 Toxic and infectious items, such as pesticides, lithium batteries, etc.;
Article6 Corrosives items, such as batteries, alkaline battery electrolyte, etc.;
Article7 Magnetic substance, magnet without degaussing packaging, magnetic steel and other strong magnetic products, such as currency detector, speaker, and magnet etc.;
Article8 Items that go against public health, such as corpses and bones (including the incinerated), untanned hides, and animal bones not processed with drugs, etc.;
Article9 Oxidizers, organic peroxides, radioactive materials, and corrosive items, such as chemical medicines, lab chemicals (potassium permanganate, and sulfuric acid etc.);
Article10 Powder (regardless of color), liquid (regardless of package), paste (such as toothpaste), and items with danger signs on the packaging;
Article11 Biochemical products and infectious materials of all kinds, such as bacillus anthracis, dangerous pathogens, and medical wastes.
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