S.F. Express Hong Kong Named "Partnerships for the Goals" Company for "GBA Corporate Sustainability Awards 2020"

  • S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited (SFHK) is recognized as ‘Partnerships for the Goals’ for ‘GBA Corporate Sustainability Awards 2020’ organized by Metro Finance Channel and Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.  As one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, promoted by the United Nations, ‘Partnerships for the goals’ encourages making partnership built upon collaboration.


    SFHK strives to live up to the company’s vision of becoming the most reliable logistics partner. We integrate environmental stewardship and social responsibilities into corporate governance and planning in recent years. While taking on corporate social responsibilities, we support customers in achieving business growth by understanding and fulfilling their logistics needs.


    Metro Finance channel launches "GBA Corporate Sustainability Awards 2020" aiming to bestow merit upon the companies in the Greater Bay Area that incorporate sustainable development goals into their operations and promote the sustainable development of enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, with the goals to encourage mutual benefit and create shared value.



    Ir C. S. Ho, Deputy Chairman of HKQAA (left), and Mr. Sung Man Hei (right), Managing Director of Metro Broadcast Corporation Ltd. presents the “GBA Corporate Sustainability Awards 2020”  to Mr. Ray Chui (middle), Head of Sales and Marketing Department for SFHK.