Adjustment of Delivery Services to the Mainland - Resumption of Delivery Service to Zhejiang Province and Shanghai

  • In view of the epidemic situations in the Mainland, the delivery service for documents and parcels within 10KG and SF-eship service sent from Hong Kong and Macau regions to Zhejiang Province and Shanghai has been resumed from now on.


    In response to the Mainland epidemic prevention and control measures, the delivery service in some areas are suspended. Please click here for more details. For the actual affected areas, please refer to the system reminder when placing order. SFHK will pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control in the Mainland, and will resume all services as soon as conditions allow. We sincerely thank customers for their trusts and understandings.


    1. The service of documents and parcels within 10KG sent from Hong Kong and Macau regions to the Mainland is only applicable through using SF Standard Express or SF-eship. For using SF Standard Express, the recipient must be a company; if using SF-eship service, the recipient can be a person and the parcel must be based on personal use, recipient's identification document must be uploaded and official shopping invoice (proforma invoice and hand-writing invoice are not acceptable) must be provided for customs clearance procedures.

    2. In accordance to the Mainland's epidemic prevention and control policies, all shipments must be kept for 7 days upon arrival for disinfection. Therefore, transit time for all shipments will be extended accordingly.


    3. Tariff may incur for all shipments exporting from Hong Kong and Macau regions to the Mainland.


    For further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong) or (853) 2873 7373 (Macau); WhatsApp (852) 5232 3333Facebook Messenger: sfexpresshk; WeChat: SF_Express-HK.