Latest Service Arrangements under the Epidemic – Suspension of To-door Delivery Services

  • The fifth wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong is severe. SFHK and its employees have been sticking to their posts and continuing to serve customers and citizens with whole heart. With the further aggravation of the epidemic, the number of confirmed cases and restricted buildings for compulsory inspection continued to rise every day, coupled with various epidemic control, epidemic prevention and isolation policies, which brought huge pressure on the company's delivery services. Facing the challenging environment and uncontrollable factors under the epidemic, starting from 5 March 2022, to-door delivery services will be suspended. We are very grateful to customers and the public for their understanding and support to SFHK. During this period, the company encourages customers to use the self-pick up and self-drop off services, which is more controllable and convenient while avoiding the chance of waiting.


    At present, SFHK provides rapid test kits to every front-line employee on daily basis, and a negative result must be obtained before reporting to their duties; disinfection procedures are carried out multiple times every day at company premises, facilities, shipments and vehicles to keep employees, customers and shipments safe. Due to the various degrees of impact on the company's delivery services under the epidemic and related epidemic prevention measures, the following service adjustments have been made:


    To-Door Delivery Services

    1. The current epidemic has affected the operation of delivery to various degrees. The transit time of all shipments will not be guaranteed, we sincerely thank customers for their great understanding.

    2. Starting from 5 March 2022, to-door services will be suspended until further notice. Understand customers will have the needs on delivery services, we encourage our customers using self-pick up and drop off services at more than 1,000 SF network points including SF Business Stations, SF Stores, SF Service Partners (There will be more Convenience Stores joining the SF network, providing more location options for customers in using our services) and SF Lockers to avoid waiting, also the timeliness of using this service is more controllable and convenient. During this difficult period, the company is facing rapid rise of operation costs, but the company continues to adhere customer-oriented principle, no additional surcharges will be charged on top of the self-drop off and pick up services and keeping the service fees unchanged, overcoming difficult times with customers.

    • Please click here for the address and business hours of SF Business Stations.
    • Please click here for the address and business hours of SF Stores.
    • Please click here for the address and business hours of SF Lockers.

    3.  Customers can learn more about the real-time status of their shipments from "Tracking" function on SFHK's official website and SFHK APP. 


    In order to make customers and employees feel more comfortable when receiving and sending shipments, SFHK has been strictly implementing "full-process" epidemic prevention measures since the outbreak, including disinfection procedures for all site facilities as well as shipments, vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the operation site. At present, the company is distributing rapid tests to each frontline employee every day. Negative test results must obtained before the employee enters his workplace. We also ensures employees to have enough anti-epidemic supplies, including: N95 masks, goggles, face shields, air purifiers, aerosol disinfection sprayer, disinfection and sterilization sprayer, Nano disinfection spray gun, gloves, disinfection hand sanitizer, etc. The company will continue to join hands with everyone to fight the epidemic, and sincerely thank customers for their trusts and understandings.


    For further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong); WhatsApp (852) 5232 3333Facebook Messenger: SFEXPRESS HK.


    (Update on 7 March 2022)