“SF 1000+" Service Optimization Notice


    SF Hong Kong has always pursued excellence, providing customers with a variety of high-quality and convenient services. Based on service upgrade and optimization, the "SF 1000+" service will be adjusted as follows from 1 March 2022, and will continue to be your affordable choice to provide cost-effective local logistics services.


    SF 1000+ Service Optimization Details:


    • Service Charge:

    With a special price of HK$15 up per shipment, you can arrange your shipments to over 1000 SFHK Network Points* for your customers to pick up. Special price together with simple and standard charging model, expanding unlimited business opportunities while taking care of your customers and your needs!

    SF Packing Material Model

    (If SF packing Material is used)

    Total length, width and height

    (If packing material is self-prepared)

    Weight Limitation


    F2 SF Box/ F2s SF Box/ M-size Bag




    F3 SF Box/ L-size Bag



    F4 SF Box/ XL-size Bag




    • SF Service Partner Pickup Options:

    In order to facilitate the shipment pickup and ensure the service quality, when using the "SF 1000+", you can choose to pay an additional service fee of HK$10 to pick up shipments at SF Service Partner locations (7-11 convenience stores, OK convenience stores, Shell gas stations, small chain stores and individual stores), allowing your customers to enjoy a variety of convenient pickup options and improving customer experience.


    *SFHK Network Points, including SF Business Stations, SF Stores, SF Lockers and SF Service Partners.


    This Service may only be used by SFHK’s credit account customers using payment by Shipper.


    This Service is subject to SF’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


    In case of any dispute regarding this Service, SFHK reserves the right of final decision.


    For further enquiries, please contact us via (852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong); orWhatsApp (852) 5232 3333 or @sfexpresshk Facebook Messenger.