Conveying Mid-Autumn Festival Affection Across Boundaries & Temperatures

SFHK Early Bird Offer for Mooncake Delivery

Promotion Period : 17.Aug.2023 - 20.Sep.2023

As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, corporations and mooncake suppliers are bustling to prepare Mid-Autumn gifts. SF Express Hong Kong provides customized mooncake delivery service, helping clients convey Mid-Autumn Festival affection across boundaries and temperatures.


Service Details:

[New Service] Local Temperature-Controlled Delivery

Snowy mooncakes or other frozen food can be delivered as fast as the same day.

Cross-Border Mooncake Delivery

Flat-rate shipping to any city in mainland China, solving the problem of high cross-border logistics costs.

Local Normal Temperature Delivery

Mooncakes and other Mid-Autumn gifts can be delivered as fast as the same day.


Safety, Efficiency and Convenience:

Rigorous Delivery Process

From packaging to courier operations, the entire delivery process adheres to strict standards to ensure the safety of delivery.

Parcel Tracking 

Stay informed about the delivery status of your shipments. Local deliveries can be made as fast as the same day.

Flexible Collection and Delivery Arrangements

Customers can choose between courier pick-up and delivery or self-drop-off and self-pick-up at over 1000 +network points.


SF Express provides reliable, convenient and cost-effective logistics solutions to numerous business partners. With customized mooncake delivery services and unique warehousing solutions, SF Express reduces the cost and time required for customers to send mooncakes.


To enjoy our limited-time early bird offer for mooncake delivery service, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at (852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong); WhatsApp: (852) 5232 3333Facebook Messenger: sfexpresshk; WeChat: SF_Express-HK.


*Offer valid until 8th September 2023. Subject to SF's Terms and Conditions of Carriage.