Online shopping using SFBuy | Participate and Enjoy the Coupon Package (Wave 2)

Promotion Period : 9.Nov.2023 - 15.Jan.2024

In recent years, online shopping platforms have experienced rapid development, and cross-border online shopping is especially favoured. Have you ever encountered difficulties when shopping across different platforms? Are you troubled by scattered packages and high freight charges? SFBuy is here to help!


SFBuy is a one-stop freight transshipment platform tailor-made for global e-shoppers, allowing you to easily shop across different platforms. Products regardless of which merchant(s) or website(s) you make purchases from, our transshipment warehouse can assist you to collect the same. You will then be able to receive your parcels after the same are being consolidated and payment of one initial weight fee, thereby saving your time and costs.


To ensure our customers having a great shopping experience, SFBuy will be launching the second wave of Coupon Package promotional activities from today to 15 January, 2024. Register as a new member or participate in the following promotional activities as an existing member, and you will receive the corresponding coupon(s) as follows:

Shipping Direction

Gift for Registration

(Maximum once)

Gift for Referral

(no limit)

Gift for Sharing

(maximum 3 times)

Promotional period

Mainland China to Hong Kong/Macao China

¥15 x 1 coupon+ ¥10 x 2 coupons

¥10 x 5 coupons

¥10 x 2 coupons

Until 15 January, 2024

USA to Hong Kong/Macao China

¥30 x 1 coupon+¥20 x 2 coupons+ ¥10 x 3 coupons

¥50 x 1 coupon

¥30 x 1 coupon



¥100 each time

¥50 each time


Anyone who participates in any of the above promotional activities are eligible to receive two shipping direction coupons at the same time; members who have registered earlier can also continue to participate in the " Gift for Referral" and " Gift for Sharing" activities. The rules of each activity are as follows:

Gift for RegistrationDuring the promotional period, new members who register an account with SFBuy will receive a coupon package.  The system will automatically send the coupon to your account.  During the promotional period, each new member can only receive 1 Gift for Registration Coupon Package.

Gift for ReferralDuring the promotional period, a member will receive a coupon package for every successful referral of a friend who registers and ships a package out of the warehouse within 30 days. The invitation code and query path are as follows.  Provide it to friends to fill in the “invitation code” when registering.  During the promotional period, there is no limit for the Gift for Referral Coupon Package.
1. Login to the SFBuy official website and click on "My Profile" to view the link for registration invitation and referral code;
2. Go to "SFBuy" wechat public account,select "My" - "My Profile" to find the invitation code;

3. Go to SFBuy mobile app, select "My" - "My Profile" to find the invitation code.

Gift for sharingDuring the promotional period, share the promotion poster on your Facebook/Instagram/Weibo/Wechat channels to claim this coupon, With the text: "Cross-border shopping, I use SFBuy" or other personal content. Contact online customer service with a screenshot the next day to redeem the coupon package. During the promotional period, each member can receive up to a maximum of 3 sets coupon package (each time with different date screenshots).


Order Portal::


2.SFBuy WeChat public account


3.SFBuy official


The service does not include restricted areas, Lamma Island, Cheung Chau and Ping Chau areas; and the weight limit for each waybill is 30KG.


Subject to relevant terms and conditions.


Coupons Terms & Conditions:

1. The coupons issued in this promotion can only be used to deduct the freight charges under SFBuy.

2. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. Only one coupon can be used per order.

3. The coupons are valid for 60 days from receipt and cannot be exchanged for cash or used for any other purposes.

4. For orders paid with the above coupons, if any refunds are requested, the coupon amount will not be refunded, and the coupon used will become invalid.

5. When using the coupons, if the actual freight charge is less than or equal to the face value of the coupons, the system will charge ¥1. Customer must contact SFBuy customer service for the refund procedure. SFBuy will refund ¥1 to the customer by means of transfer or coupon within 3 working days at the earliest after the customer provides the bank account information. Any remaining balance of the coupons will not be refunded.

6. For an order successfully paid with a coupon, the coupon cannot be transferred to other order. Canceling an order will also invalidate the coupon used.

7. All coupons issued by SFBuy are strictly prohibited from being sold or transferred. If such activities are discovered and confirmed, the coupon(s) will be invalidated.


For further enquiries, please contact