SF Lockers Now Available at KMB Bus Termini More Options and More Convenient for Parcel Pickup

Promotion Period : 7.Nov.2023 - 31.Dec.2023


SF Express (Hong Kong) Limited ("SFHK") and Kowloon Motor Bus (1933) Limited ("KMB") collaborated with each other whereby SF Lockers shall be installed at 35 bus termini, enabling customers to pick up parcels at ease.  At present, SF Lockers are firstly now available at Tsuen Wan Nina Tower Bus Terminus and Tsing Yi Station Bus Terminus, and scheduled to complete all installation by early next year.  These SF lockers newly located at bus termini not only offer prime locations but also provide round-the-clock services, not be restricted by business hours of stores or shopping malls. Customers can pick up their parcels anytime, anywhere, with high-quality and convenient delivery service to the public.


In addition, these SF lockers located at bus termini have become the designated collection points for lost and found items of KMB passengers. Coupled with the KMB’s self-pickup mechanism,* this allows passengers to retrieve their lost items from SF Lockers at designated bus terminus according to their personal needs, providing convenience and flexibility. SFHK will continue to explore more collaboration opportunities on convenience business with KMB to meet the various needs of the community.


*If passengers have left their belongings on buses, they can contact KMB and provide the relevant information, including bus route, date and time, characteristics of the lost item, and contact methods through 「Chatbot」on App1933 or KMB website and choose 「Lost property on bus」. If the lost item is found, KMB will arrange the lost item verification as soon as possible, and will entrust SFHK to deliver the lost items to SF lockers at designated bus terminus for collection.


The lost and found service will be arranged by KMB and is subject to the terms and conditions of SFHK and KMB.


For further enquiries, please contact us via (852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong) ; WhatsApp (852) 5232 3333 or @sfexpresshk Facebook Messenger; WeChat ID: SF_Express-HK.