SF Logistics Solutions for Schools Fulfill Teaching Needs of Relative Parties

Promotion Period : 6.Mar.2023 - 31.Dec.2023


SFHK has been committed to providing suitable logistics solutions to fulfill needs of different customers. Considering the logistics needs of schools and related industries, SFHK have launched the "SF Logistics Solutions for School " to provide convenient and secure delivery services for merchants, schools, teaching groups, parents and students!


Service for schools and related parties includes:

1. Book Delivery: SF cooperates with booksellers, delivering textbooks to students to ease parents’ inconvenience during bundle textbook purchasing

2. School Uniform Delivery: In line with online ecommerce trend, SF assists school uniform suppliers to deliver orders to students, improving efficiency as well as facilitating students and parents

3. Learning Material Delivery: With SF’s strong network, schools can mail learning materials and homework to students’ home, so as to alleviate the health problems caused by overweight schoolbags

4. Test Paper Delivery: SF distributes mock exam papers on behalf of teaching groups and tutorial institutions to students. With the aid of online courses, students can prepare for exams more easily

5. Activity Material Delivery: SF provides activity materials delivery services (e.g. certificates and souvenirs, etc.) for teaching institutions, and carefully transport them to ensure safe delivery to students

If there are other campus and teaching-related service needs, SF is here to provide you with suitable solutions……


If you are interested in the above, please contact school project team (852) 2929 2929 (Hong Kong) or mail to 852smd@sfmail.sf-express.com.