SFHK Logistics Solutions for Schools

To-door delivery for Textbooks and School Uniforms without Pick-up at Schools

Promotion Period : 7.May.2024 - 31.Dec.2024


SFHK has been committed to providing appropriate logistics and distribution solutions to fulfill the needs of different customers. In order to meet the delivery needs of parents for textbooks and school uniforms of their children, SFHK collaborates with major booksellers to help parents deliver textbooks ordered online or from school directly to their homes, and from now on there is no need to personally pick up textbooks at school. In addition, SFHK also collaborates with major school uniform sellers to provide parents with school uniform delivery, return and exchange services, which saves time, effort and it is convenient.


SFHK also provides services such as teaching material distribution and activity material distribution, and will continue to provide more appropriate logistics and distribution solutions.


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