You may promptly access to the answers of the frequently asked questions as listed below


• Is there any charges for dialing your customer service hotline 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone)?

Calling our customer service hotline 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone), and we will do our best service.


• Where is your service coverage in Taiwan?

Tapei City、New Taipei City、Taoyuan City、Hsinchu County、Hsinchu City、Miaoli County、Taichung CityChanghua City、Changhua County、Nantou CountyYunlin CountyChiayi City、Chiayi County、Tainan CityKaohsiung City、Yilan County、Hualien County、Taitung County。【check service coverage


• Is there any weekend express service provided?

Service Time
09:00~14:00Due to the five-day week practice in Taiwan, S.F. will only provide pick-up service before 2pm (in some areas in advance to 12nn) on Saturday. Delivery service will only be provided by appointment. and appointed delivery service are accepted on Saturday.
Note: For any special delivery service on Saturday, please r state on "Remarks" on waybill with: Delivery on Saturday. Or else, please notify us before 2pm on Saturday in order to arrange your shipment delivery. Please understand the exact delivery time of this special arrangement is not guaranteed. For Enquiry, Please call our Customer Service Hotline or visit our website.customer and we would consistently provide customized services and various offers according to different customers' need.


• Why is it so difficult to call-in the customer service hotline?

Thank you for your great support. With our business expansion, call volume of our customer service hotline grows rapidly. We will continuously improves our infrastructure and resources in order to provide instant assistance to our customer.


• Regarding the exchange rate of the shipment fee

It will be based on changes of market exchange rate and other relevant factors. S.F. will publish the updated exchange rate monthly.
If the customer specifies the shipment fee will be paid by the recipient in Taiwan, calculation will be as follows 
shipment fee × Exchange rate = Shipment fee

Example: Shenzhen (Chinese Mainland) shipment sends to Taiwan. Shipment fee =RMB100.
NTD exchange rate of that month RMB 1: NTD 4.32, the freight charge = RMB 100 X 4.32 = NTD432.

Exchange rate adopts the rate on shipping date as the standard


• Which express items can be sent to the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong?

Items should meet the requirements of the aviation and customs restrictions on the import and export items of the two places accordinglysingle waybill’s weight is limited to 100KG, and each item is limited to 70KG.
For further information, please contact S.F. hotline at 0800 088 830.


• What is the required information for shipment sending to the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong?

Except documents, please provide Power of Attorney and commercial invoice for your shipment. If commodities need to be divided into 2 boxes, each box must have a packing list attached. All documents should have company chop. For personal shipment, signature, personal stamp and ID card copy are required.

What is the required information for shipment sending to the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong?


• How to apply for export without shipper Tax ID?

According to customs regulations, company letterhead and company Tax ID are required if the sender is a company; Personal ID number is required for personal shipment. S.F. is unable to accept the shipment without required information.


• Which items belong to the type of document?

Document without business value and general information are categorized as document, other than that will be classified as non-document/Parcel (For example, small piece of cloth, plastic sample are not regarded as document for export).


  • Can I send shipment to all areas in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong?

S.F. Express has set up about 2000 service branches, covering 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and nearly 120 large and medium-sized cities (including Hong Kong) and over 300 county-level cities or towns. Service coverage might not covers to some areas due to traffic condition. For detailed service area, please call hotline at 0800-088-830.


• How long will it takes when I send a shipment to Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong?

It generally need only 1 working day to arrive Hong Kong and around 1-2 business days to arrive Guangdong and Fujian, provided that flight schedule and customs clearance are smooth. Other regions takes around 2-3 business days. For remote areas, extra 0.5-1 business day is required. Customers can trace shipment by calling our customer service hotline or login S.F. official express to check shipment status.


• What privileges can a credit account customer enjoys?

1 Monthly settlement of shipping charges
2 Enjoy a repayment period of 30 days
3 Immediate access to latest services
4 Be the first to receive our special offers and rewards


• Where can I get the blank waybill?

You can get it from S.F. Courier or dial hotline at 0800 088 830 for arrangement. Our specialist will handle your registration and arrange waybill delivery to your company


• Why my shipment destination is a non-coverage area?

We are sorry that the area you want to send is out or our service coverage. 
We are continually expanding our service network. You are welcomed to search the service area anytime on the website or call hotline at 0800-088830 for further information.


• Is shipment fee charged by volume or weight?

The chargeable weight (kg) of a shipment is determined by the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight whichever is greater.

Air freight, Ocean freight volumetric weight = (L x W x H (cm) ÷ 6,000)


• Does the rate consist of business tax?

Yes, The rate consists of 5% Business Tax.


• What is the payment method and payment due date for credit account customer?

We will provide the latest monthly bill to customer on the 5th of each month.
For non-natural monthly billing customers, we will issue the bill within five days after the bill date. Due date will be the 30th day counting from the bill date.


• Why courier unwilling to wait?

To ensure our shipments are delivered within the promised time, we have fixed route to transport our shipment. In order to avoid shipment delay, customers prepare all information in advance are highly appreciated.


• Why some area cannot arrange delivery or customer is required to pick-up shipment in person?

For some remote areas that are lack of basic transport infrastructure, it is unable to build good service system. For security issues, customers are recommended to pick up shipment from the nearest S.F. service center.


• How can I know the shipment is safe?

From our courier pick-up your shipment till shipment successfully delivered, your shipment is being tracked by our hi-tech shipment tracking system through barcode scanner in every check point on the whole transit process (except during customs clearance, loading and unloading to and from aircraft/ship . For more information you may call hotline at 0800 088 830 or visit S.F. site http://htm.sf-express.com/tw/en/


• What are the advantages of S.F.?

1) Security: S.F.'s transport network are self-developed, with full shipment tracking in all transport links to ensure shipment is secure.

2) After-sales service: You can keep track of your shipment all the time.

3) Value Added Service: S.F. continually introduce value-added services: such as Online Customer Service, Pickup Authorization Service…etc.


• How can I place order?

You can call hotline at 0800-088-830 and press "1" for order placing.