[SF Express Member Carrier] Receipt and Invoice Issuance Inquiry Instructions

This feature is currently only available for individual invoices/receipts issued to non-corporate customers without a unified business registration number. When the invoice/receipt is issued, if a mobile phone number is provided (a 10-digit number starting with "09") and saved as an SF Express carrier, you can perform the following inquiry:


If the customer's invoice is stored in their personal mobile carrier or is in the form of a paper invoice, it cannot be queried through the SF Express app.


  1.  If you search for "順豐速運" on the App Store on your mobile phone, you will find the SF Express app.


  1.  Please swipe left on this section.


  1.  Click here to view the records of SF Express invoice receipts issued within the past six months.


  1.  You can register an electronic invoice carrier with National Taxation Bureau through this link.

 Check the receipt to see the corresponding SF Express tracking number.