Convenience Store Pickup Service

Broad range of services

More than 10,600 convenience stores include the FamilyMart, Hi-Life, 7-ELEVEN are available. You are free to choose among the three convenience stores, even on Alishan.

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24 hours pickup

To make it easier for you without having to waste waiting time.

SMS to remind pickup

When the shipment arrived at the designated convenience store the first day and fourth day, you will receive the notification SMS sent by SF.

Go to the convenience store to check identity card within the specified time, then you can pick up a shipment.

 * If you are setting to reject advertising text message or not boot for a long time, you may not be able to receive SMS.

Send process

  1. Please make sure the shipment specifications by shipper before sending.
  2. Confirm the [7-ELEVEN Stores]、[FamilyMart Stores]、[Hi-Life Stores] and shipping and payment methods with the receiver.
  3. After confirmation, please write down the convenience store code and name. *FamilyMart convenience store code required to complete the service code
  4. Please ensure that the sender prepares the shipment and includes the "Convenience Store Location (County and Administrative District) + Convenience Store Pickup + Convenience Store Name + Convenience Store Code" in the delivery address field, and provide the correct mobile phone number for the recipient. (Example 1: New Taipei City, Luzhou District, Convenience Store Pickup, Family Mart Luzhou Fuan Store, 16790; Example 2: Keelung City, Qidu District, Convenience Store Pickup, 7-11 Qiaolong Convenience Store, 891246)
  5. When courier pick up shipment to the address of the shipper, then you can complete the Send process. 

Pickup process

  1. When the shipment arrived at the convenience store, it will send the message to the receiver.
  2. The receiver pick up the designated shipment at the convenience store.
    (When Shipment arrival at the convenience store within seven days, the receiver have to ready for an identity card to the designated convenience stores.

After confirm ,you can pick up the shipment.

* If due to personal reasons,for example reject advertising text message or not boot for a long time, you also can check shipment process on SF Track & Trace by original waybill number.

* If the recipient has yet to convenience stores to receive the shipment more than 7 days and it will enter the return flow.

SF will notify the shipper and the second reassignment costs should be paid by shipper. 

Service Time

Monday~ Saturday 9:00AM~ Pickup cut-off time

Expected delivery time

2 business day


* Expect business days is from the shipper's address to the convenience store.( Not include sending day)

* In case of holidays, should be postponed to the next working day.

* If weather and other force majeure factors may be delayed.

Shipment Limitation

Convenience Store FamilyMart, Hi-Life 7-ELEVEN
Maximum Dimension L + W + H sum shall not exceed 105 cm, If the length of the package less than 15cm, then the other sides cannot exceed 45cm. L + W + H sum shall not exceed 105 cm, the two longest sides cannot exceed 45 cm and 30 cm.
Weight Limitation Actual weight is not more than 5 kg
Shipment Limitation

1.Shipment packaging without damage. No abnormal noise inside.

2.The value of the commodity should not exceed NTD$20,000.


 Import Express (Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau only)
Convenience Store Coverage Taiwan 
(not including outlying islands)
Freight Charge
Standard Import Express rate
Payment Method Paid by the shipper ,receiver or third party receiver


Notes by the shipper

  • Please properly packed shipment and placed in the appropriate amount of cushioning packaging materials to avoid damaging in the distribution process.
  • Before Sending, please check the Prohibited Commodities details.

SF have right to refuse to undertake dangerous or does not meet the specification of goods.

  • After the shipment sent, if you need to change the convenience store, please call the Customer Hotline at 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone).
    If the shipment has arrived, SF cannot provide forwarding services.
  • Part of the convenience store outlets in the schools, recreational areas, hospitals or remote areas, cannot provide 24 hours pickup service.

Notes by the receiver

  • SF is unable to provide the convenience store returns, the original single forward or switch to the store pick-up service.
    If any questions to the shipment or designated outlets, please contact with the shipper.
  • It also provides behalf service, an agent to bring the shipper's identity card to a convenience store to check the identity.