Convenience Store Self Drop-off Service-Chinese Mainland Express

[Notification] The shipping service to Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau provided by S.F. Express and FamilyMart are temporarily suspended due to system upgrade.

Please contact our service hotline 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone) if you have any shipping requirement. Thank you for your understanding.

24-hr Self Drop-off Service is provided at FamilyMarts all over Taiwan. You can send your shipment to Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau at over 2,900 FamilyMart convenience stores! Either business customers or travelers would also be benefited from this economic and convenient option!

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Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau

Payment Method

The payment must be settled by the sender at the time of sending the shipment. Paid by receiver or third party is not applicable.

Rate of Self Drop-off Service

DestinationChinese Mainland – Southern / South East ChinaChinese Mainland – Other ProvincesHong KongMacau
Document NTD166 NTD208 NTD135 NTD160
Parcel NTD380 NTD516 NTD337 NTD375


1. The above rates contain 5% business tax and fuel surcharge.

2. The rates are applicable to the S.F. Express service at FamilyMart.

Shipment Limitation

Types of ShipmentDocumentParcel
Maximum Dimension The length and width shall be within 33 cm and 24.5 cm respectively The sum of length, width and height shall not exceed 90 cm
Weight limitation Actual weight is not more than 1 kg Actual weight is not more than 3 kg
Content* Document Ordinary Commodity

* Please refer to the FamilyMart official website for detailed information.

Other Charges and Expenses

  • Taxes and duties      
  1. Receiver is liable for any duties and taxes that the shipment may incur. The sender will be informed accordingly whereas the receiver is unwilling to settle the taxes and duties.
  2. If both the receiver and sender are unwilling to pay the tax, the Customs will handle shipment in accordance with their procedures.
  • Hong Kong Remote Area Surcharge and Non-Industrial / Commercial Surcharge
    Remote Area Surcharge or Non-Industrial / Commercial Surcharge may be derived for shipments to Hong Kong. Receiver will be charged upon shipment arrival.
  • Overweight Charges
    Should the parcel weight exceed 3 kg, sender is required to pay for the residual freight charge induced. 

Self Drop-off Procedures

  1. Prepare the document / parcel and go to FamilyMart for Self Drop-off Service.
  2. Fill in the waybill through FamiPort.
  3. Print the payment notice and pay at the FamilyMart cashier.
  4. The shipment will be delivered to the receiver.

Transit Time

DestinationEstimated Transit Time
Chinese Mainland – Southern / South East China 4-5 working days
Chinese Mainland – Other Provinces 4-5 working days
Hong Kong 4-5 working days
Macau 4-5 working days


(1) 1-2 additional days are required in case of Sat / Sun. Please kindly understand that unfavorable weather conditions or any other cause of force majeure may also cause a delay.

(2) The delivery schedules [as provided herein] are for reference only, these are not guaranteed and do not form part of contract. Actual delivery time may be varied as a result of the kind of commodity, declared value, regulations and requirements of governmental authorities at destination or the actual circumstances of the case. All information provided in SF website shall be applicable to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated overleaf the SF’s waybill.

Delivery Notice

  • Please properly packed shipment and placed in the appropriate amount of cushioning packaging materials to avoid damaging in the distribution process.
  • Before sending, please check the Prohibited Commodities details. S.F. Express has the right to refuse to undertake dangerous or does not meet the specification of goods.