Convenience Store Self Drop-off Service-Domestic Delivery

With the alliance of Taiwan S.F. Express and Hi-Life, there are more than a thousand Hi-Life convenience stores offering Domestic Room-Temperature Delivery Services. You can choose the “Hi-Life store” in your neighborhood to deliver a document or package to any location in the Taiwan (excluding the outlying islands). You can absolutely enjoy your life with better convenience.


Send from



Send to

Taiwan (except offshore islands)


Payment Method

The payment must be settled by the sender at the time of sending the shipment. Paid by receiver or third party is not applicable.


Delivery rates

Room-temperature package dimension L + H + W (CM)



less than 80cm






Not exceeding (including) 20 kg

Room temperature







*Size restrictions: L+W+H must not exceed 170cm, a single dimension must not exceed 150cm.

*The rate is applicable to the Hi-Life Delivery only.





Delivery Date

Pickup Date

Taiwan island to Taiwan island

Monday ~ Friday: Each day before 17:00

The next day
(Delivery may take an extra 2~5 workdays for the remote areas.)

※Delivery services are not available for the outlying islands (Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Orchid Island, Green Island, Lamay Island)
※If the delivery was made later than the specified time, the pickup date will be postponed to the next day. 
※For more delivery details for the remote areas, please visit this link .


Drop-off Store
In the designated Hi-Life convenience stores in Taiwan. For the list and details of all the stores, please visit this link .


Delivery Process:
1. Customers shall drop off their packages for delivery at the designated Hi-Life stores. 
2. Customers shall obtain the exclusive Delivery Order Form from the staff.
3. Customers shall fill out the Hi-Life Delivery Order Form and make a payment for the shipment.
4. The packages will be shipped to its designated receiver.


Notices for Delivery:
The following items will NOT be accepted for shipment:
1. Items that are not in the compliance with the provision of shipment waybill contract terms of Domestic Delivery Service.
2. Delivery Order Form filled is not compliant with the shipment waybill contract terms.
3. Any item with weight exceeding 20kg or with total linear measurements (L + H + W) exceeding 170cm or single side length exceeding 150 cm will not be accepted for shipment.
4. Items not safe or legal for transportation (including but not limited to: cash, non-negotiable instruments, stamps, antiques, precious metals or minerals, animals, human bodies, pornography items, medicine, liquid items, white-powdered items). Taiwan S.F. Express retains the final interpretation of the above provisions.