Announcement – Real-Name Authentication of Consignees for Imported Express Shipments

  • Dear customers:


    As a means to improve the efficiency of express shipments clearing customs clearance while protecting the rights and interests of customers, as of January 16, 2020, any parcels without importer real-name authentication, or confirmed consignees, will not be admitted for customs clearance. The Customs Authority would like to urge those who have a tendency for making cross-border online purchases to download the real-name authentication APP “EZ WAY” (for Android and iOS) as soon as possible, and to also complete the registration of real-name verification by linking their identity with their mobile phone numbers. By doing so, it will allow for smoother customs clearance for express shipments, ensuring the rights and interest of customers as well as maintaining a legal environment for businesses:

    l   The scope is limited to individuals (excluding those who are non-Taiwanese, and corporate legal persons);

    l   After verification, low-priced items (under NT$50,000 after tax) can be verified using a phone number, simplifying customs clearance for entrusted express agents.


    In addition, the information on the import shipment’s bill of lading (waybill) must comply with the following specifications; otherwise, shipments will not be imported:

    l   The shipment is from mainland China (Hong Kong and Macao included); Chinese name should be used for declaration;

    l   The declaring consignee's phone number must be a valid Taiwan telephone number. For example: 02-8765-4321 or 0912-345-678;

    l   The declaring consignee's name must match the ID card.



    For more details regarding registration instructions, please see the Customs Website

    For Customs notices

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