Import Customs Declaration of Express Cargo “Pre-Entrust 2.0” Launch Notification

  • Dear clients,


    In order to prevent personal information from being misappropriated from customs declarations, importing of illegal controlled articles or fraudulent packages that result in people or customs brokers being wrongly accused, the Ministry of Finance’s Customs Administration announced on the official website ( that the new import customs declaration of express cargo “Pre-Entrust 2.0” system be launched in mid-September 2022. People can set up accounts on the EZ WAY App (hereinafter referred to as the APP) to pre-entrust shipments and after they set up their accounts, the App will push the contents of the declared shipment to people for inspection before the declaration is made. After the online declaration is completed, the Customs Administration will accept and begin processing the declaration. The public can use this to avoid false declarations and if the importer did not pre-entrust and confirm the shipment, the cargo cannot be declared and imported:

    If the importer wants to import overseas cargo, the Company will push the customs declaration information through the APP before the goods arrive in Taiwan. After the importer confirms the imported goods through the APP, the exporting country will handle the export customs clearance. To avoid losses from failing to complete the entrusted customs declaration process after the cargo arrives in Taiwan, the importer is requested to take the following steps:


    Step 1. Download the EZ WAY APP on your mobile phone, and complete the EZWAY membership registration and registration of the real name authorization.

    Step 2. When making orders, please correctly fill in the recipient’s name and contact phone number (mobile phone number).

    Step 3. When your shipment is shipped from abroad to Taiwan, you will receive a Pre-Entrust notification from EZWAY. Please confirm as soon as possible whether or not the declared contents are correct, and click “Confirm.”


    If the aforementioned import-related information has been approved by the Customs Administration, the Company will arrange to have the cargo clear customs and shipment delivered. Please refer to the Company’s announcement regarding the real name authorization of imported cargo:



    Taiwan S.F. Express Co., Ltd. 

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