Pickup Authorization Service

  • Service Introduction

    You may now request SF Express' s couriers to pick up a shipment from a location designated by you and deliver it to the recipient. You can use SF Express to arrange for the shipment to be picked up at your designated location (within Taiwan service). This service can save your company shipping costs on goods to be return to suppliers and speed up export shipments. If you think you could benefit from this, please call us at 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone). If you have goods that need to be picked up Mainland China, please send your “Pickup Service Authorization Form” to us at: weituo_twcc@sfmail.sf-express.com

  • Service Charge

    Please refer to here.

  • Service Coverage and Hours

    Mainland China: Pickup Authorization Service Hours: Monday ~ Friday 09:00~16:00 Saturday09:00~12:00

  • Required Documents

    Pickup Authorization”, “Commercial Invoice”, “Packing List”. Click here to download the file.

  • Notice for Use

    1.The shipment fee is calculated based on the package and the actual situation at the pick-up time. Please have your goods ready before the pick-up time you entered on the form. If your package is not ready at the pick-up time, we cannot wait. If it is late, we will cancel the pick-up service.

    2.Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions on the “Pick-up Notice”. Prepare and enter the correct information to facilitate speedy pick-up and export. Accurate declaration ensures smooth delivery to your customer.