《Send parcels to Hong Kong – with a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro》The Winner List

Promotion Period : 1.Dec.2021 - 31.Dec.2021

《Send parcels to Hong Kong – with a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro》 The Winner List

l   Eligibility: Basic Account customers using Taiwan S.F. Express to send parcels to Hong Kong

l   Promotional period: December 1 – December 31, 2021


l   Promotion details:

Between December 1 and December 31, 2021, Basic Account customers using Taiwan S.F. Express to send parcels to Hong Kong who register their shipping form number and information online regardless of amount will have a chance to win NTD100 worth of 7-Eleven vouchers each week. Customers will have a chance to take home an iPhone 13 Pro if 20 shipping form numbers for the Hong Kong route are registered.

*Amid Taiwan’s COVID-19 policy, the collection specifications for Basic Account customers are subject to the rules posted on the Taiwan S.F. Express website.


Promotion 1: Regardless of the amount, 20 lucky customers will have a chance to win NTD100 worth of 7-Eleven vouchers each week.

Promotion 2: Customers registering over 20 shipping form numbers will have a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro (256GB). (*Winners must collect the prize in person at the nearest operating location)


l   Register your shipping form number: https://forms.gle/E1DKiBieRPWJLVGJ7

12/1-12/10 週週抽7-11 100元禮券得獎名單  *已於2022/1/14以簡訊發送至得獎者登記之手機
序號 姓名 運單號碼 電話
1 張O夷 SF14********391 096*****31
2 陳O詩 SF14********850 097*****87
3 黃O然 SF11********252 092*****25
4 劉O怡 SF10********733 090*****07
5 魏O城 SF14********367 097*****64
6 郭O穎 SF14********690 092*****29
7 李O文 SF60********282 098*****29
8 徐O宸 SF14********915 098*****53
9 黃O呈 SF14********550 095*****29
10 黃O淳 SF14********628 098*****22
11 蔡O君 SF14********538 090*****52
12 高O璘 SF14********784 092*****00
13 王O鈴 SF11********338 093*****11
14 黃O榕 SF11********477 098*****65
15 甘O珊 SF14********759 095*****52
16 郭O憶 SF14********855 097*****11
17 孫O婷 sf11********575 093*****72
18 王O灝 SF60********653 097*****35
19 李O儀 SF14********900 091*****75
20 王O珊 SF14********032 097*****55


12/1-12/17週週抽7-11 100元禮券得獎名單   *已於2022/1/14以簡訊發送至得獎者登記之手機
序號 姓名 運單號碼 電話
1 蘇O麗 SF14********879 093*****34
2 周O瑚 SF14********224 095*****39
3 李O婷 SF11********589 090*****10
4 王O霓 SF14********557 091*****14
5 古O禎 SF14********819 092*****90
6 鄭O秋 SF11********331 097*****88
7 潘O卿 SF14********513 091*****53
8 謝O慧 SF11********286 098*****06
9 潘O敏 SF14********555 095*****29
10 簡O瑩 SF14********099 095*****15
11 賴O云 SF14********181 090*****50
12 吳O琦 SF11********866 097*****78
13 曹O娟 SF14********065 097*****20
14 黃O元 SF14********880 093*****40
15 郭O達 SF11********831 092*****77
16 杜O蓁 SF14********026 098*****58
17 陳O蓉 SF14********623 097*****19
18 何O基 SF14********382 091*****39
19 郭O敏 SF11********714 093*****16
20 江O頻 SF60********333 091*****13


12/1-12/24 週週抽7-11 100元禮券得獎名單   *已於2022/1/14以簡訊發送至得獎者登記之手機
序號 姓名 運單號碼 電話
1 劉O玲 SF14********153 093*****50
2 陳O安 SF14********891 096*****11
3 洪O如 SF14********304 093*****13
4 曾O哲 SF14********146 097*****09
5 陳O宗 SF14********701 091*****32
6 鄒O雯 SF60********418 093*****86
7 陳O蘭 SF14********102 098*****18
8 曾O玲 SF10********806 095*****62
9 馮O心 SF14********676 092*****41
10 鍾O育 SF14********970 098*****07
11 林O君 SF11********385 098*****30
12 陳O俐 SF14********274 096*****43
13 廖O雅 SF11********366 097*****67
14 蔡O琪 SF11********602 091*****18
15 歐O璟 SF14********893 091*****09
16 白O禎 SF11********381 093*****55
17 李O瑜 SF14********365 095*****12
18 張O婕 SF14********676 091*****94
19 陳O螢 SF14********165 096*****95
20 謝O蓁 SF14********810 093*****33


12/1-12/31 週週抽7-11 100元禮券得獎名單   *已於2022/1/14以簡訊發送至得獎者登記之手機
序號 姓名 運單號碼 電話
1 王O宏 SF14********353 091*****69
2 林O韻 SF14********102 097*****31
3 張O齊 SF11********224 096*****42
4 陳O婷 SF14********174 098*****52
5 任O洺 sf11********322 090*****37
6 陳O茵 SF14********830 093*****27
7 譚O慈 SF11********316 098*****60
8 許O雯 SF14********921 098*****07
9 蔡O伶 SF11********721 090*****47
10 莊O堯 SF14********162 093*****82
11 梁O嘉 SF14********931 098*****08
12 羅O雅 SF14********830 092*****27
13 許O至 SF11********709 093*****88
14 林O雯 SF11********848 092*****87
15 陳O均 SF11********073 093*****59
16 陳O怡 SF14********806 090*****56
17 馬O庸 SF14********698 093*****89
18 鄭O SF14********735 092*****72
19 馬O堂 SF14********492 097*****82
20 劉O伽 SF11********668 091*****77


寄滿20件抽iPhone 13 Pro得獎名單 
姓名 電話
O 092*****91


  1.            Employees of Taiwan S.F. Express are not permitted to take part in this promotion.
  2.            Only Basic Account customers using Taiwan S.F. Express to send parcels to Hong Kong, paid by cash (including EasyCard, LINE PAY) between December 1 and December 31, 2021 are eligible to participate in this promotion. If a winning customer is found to be ineligible according to the above rules, the result will be withdrawn and a winner selected again.
  3.            The list of Promotion 1 weekly winners for December 1 to December 10 will be calculated at 23:59 on December 10, 2021. Winning eligibility will be verified every Friday before 23:59 (17th, 24th, 31st of December) prior to the end of the promotion. Those not chosen will be carried over to the following week. Winners will be announced on www.sf-express.com.tw every other Wednesday and each winner can only be drawn once. All prizes will be delivered before January 31, 2022.
  4.            Promotion 2 will end at 23:59 on December 31, 2021, subject to the time of registration of the survey.
  5.            Promotion 2 announcement and notification time: Winners are expected to be announced before January 31, 2022. Winners will be contacted via the email or mobile phone number registered in the survey. Please be aware that you may be contacted through these means. A complete list of winners will be announced on www.sf-express.com.tw before January 31, 2022.
  6.            iPhone 13 Pro (256GB) winners must bring along the tax bill to collect the prize in person at the nearest operating location
  7.            The person who declares the income for winning a prize of this event must be the same as the winner, and no assignment of prize or change of prize recipient is allowed.
  8.            If the prize of this event is provided by an external supplier, customers should read the relevant terms and instructions on the prize carefully before using it. Taiwan S.F. Express Co., Ltd. is not responsible for the maintenance services of any prizes of events, and will not be responsible for any quality failure, defects or claims that may occur in any products or services in accordance with law. If the customer has any enquiries or disputes regarding the maintenance or repair of the prizes, please contact such organization or supplier directly.
  9.            A winner is eligible for one prize only. The winner will be presented with the biggest prize automatically. A second award won by a repeat winner will be re-drawn in the lucky draw until a new winner is produced. 
  10.         On the day of the lucky draw, the lucky winner will be drawn under the witness of the legal personnel of the organizer.
  11.         Participants taking part in this event agree to accept the rules and precaution statements of this event. If there is any violation, the organizer may disqualify them from participating in the event or being a winner of the prize, and may request damage compensation from the participants for the damage caused.
  12.         Please ensure the correctness of your personal information. If the personal information is incorrect which results in failure to contact you or deliver to you, you will be deemed to have waived your right to win the prize.
  13.         The organizer reserves the right to review the qualifications of the participants of this event. If a malicious computer program or other method that clearly violates the fairness of the event is used, or if it is verified that there are participants who do not meet the requirements of this event, once found by this Company or reported by a third party, such participants or winners of prizes will be disqualified from the event by the organizer immediately. In addition, the prize (or its equivalent amount) shall be retrieved. Participants may not object.
  14.         If participants’ information registered for this event is lost, incorrect or damaged due to computer, network, telephone, technology or other reasons that are not attributable to the organizer and which result in invalidity of information, the organizer and its working group of the event will not bear any legal responsibility, and participants and winners may not object.
  15.         Participants taking part in the event are deemed to recognize the effectiveness of these provisions. If there are any unspecified matters, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, and change the details of the event without separate notice. If the prize content is changed due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (lost, damaged, etc., in the mailing process), Taiwan S.F. Express Company reserves the right to replace such with other equivalent prizes, and winners will unconditionally agree to accept the substitutes.
  16.         Matters that are not specified in the prize description will mainly be based on the description of the winning notice. The winners may not request to change the prize or exchange such for cash or discounts or make any adjustments.
  17.         S. F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. will assist with relevant arrangements for the handling of prize-related work. According to Taiwan’s tax law, if the prize amount exceeds NTD1,000, the income of the prize must be included in the personal annual comprehensive income tax return. Therefore, the winner shall provide a photocopy of his/her identification card and fill out and submit the relevant receipts in accordance with the regulations to receive the prize. If the winner is a company account, please attach a photocopy of the company’s Amendment Corporate Registration Card and a photocopy of the responsible person’s identification card, and the company seal and invoice stamp must be affixed to the certificate certifying receipt of prize when the prize is collected. If the winner is a minor and has no identification card, please attach a photocopy of the household certificate and a photocopy of the identification card of any guardian. If the total income of the prize exceeds NTD20,000, the winner shall bear 10% of the tax collected for winning a prize, which shall be withheld and paid by the organizer in accordance with law. If the winner is an individual who does not reside in Taiwan, or is a profit-making enterprise without a fixed place of business in Taiwan, 20% of the tax collected for winning a prize shall be borne by the winner. The preceding tax law stipulates that if the winner is unwilling to cooperate, they will be deemed to have waived their rights automatically and will not be eligible to receive the prize.
  18.         Regarding the terms and conditions of this event, please consult the office websites of Taiwan S.F. Express for more details.
  19.         If this event cannot be executed due to special reasons such as force majeure, S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event without incurring any responsibility for compensation.
  20.         This Company will use the personal information provided by you, including name, telephone and email, etc., only for the purposes of creating a file for historical data of customer service, data statistical investigation and analysis, express delivery business, marketing promotion, event notification and related cooperative business services. During the necessary period for the above purposes, the collecting, processing and use of your personal information through paper, electronic files or other appropriate methods in accordance with science and technology are limited to the scope of services provided by S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. You may exercise the rights to (1) inquire or request to review, (2) make duplications, (3) request to supplement or correct, (4) request to cease collection, processing and use, or delete the personal information. If your rights are impaired due to your exercise of the aforesaid rights, this Company shall not be liable for compensation.
  21.         In case of any disputes regarding the contents of the promotional incentives, terms, and conditions between the Chinese versions and English version, the finalized standard will be based on the Chinese language version.
  22.         With regard to the details of prizes or prize exchange of this event, S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. has the right to modify the event. In the event of any disputes, Taiwan S.F. Express Company reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.


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