【Spring gift】

Promotion Period : 11.Apr.2022 - 20.May.2022

Event Region: Shipping from Taiwan

Eligibility: Non-monthly account customers who use Taiwan S.F. Express for shipping and pay by LINE Pay, regardless of location.

Event Period: From Today –May 20, 2022



From now until May 20, 2022, non-monthly account customers who use Taiwan S.F Express, pay by LINE Pay, and add our official Line account (@tw_sf_express) and register the shipping order number and information will receive:


[Exange finished]Offer 1: Enjoy 5% LINE points back when paying with LINE Pay

-         Over 388 points can be earned per Line Pay account

-         Points are issued 24 hours after payment

-         Only 100,000 points are available, so don't miss out!


Offer 2: 8 lucky winners will be drawn to receive 500 LINE Points each

-         Each time a LINE Pay account is used, it counts as one entry, and there will be 8 winners chosen

-         This is not a real-time reward; estimated points will not be displayed in your LINE wallet after successful payment

-         Points will be issued before Jun 30, 2022


*Please go to the Taiwan S.F. Express official Line account activity page to register the information.


[Offer 2] 500 LINE POINTS the winner list





Waybill Number

































LINE POINTS will be issued to the winner's account before 6/30.




Activity Notes:

  1.        Red Envelope 2: All entries must be made by 2022/05/20 23:59. 8 winners will be selected and announced on the official Taiwan S.F. Express website on 2022/06/30.
  2.        On the day of the lucky draw, the lucky winner will be drawn under the witness of the legal personnel of the organizer.
  3.        Before winners are announced, they will be checked to make sure they have added the Taiwan S.F Express Line account and made payment via LINE Pay. Those failing to do so will be ineligible to claim a prize.
  4.        Participants taking part in this event agree to accept the rules and precaution statements of this event. If there is any violation, the organizer may disqualify them from participating in the event or being a winner of the prize, and may request damage compensation from the participants for the damage caused.
  5.        The organizer reserves the right to review the qualifications of the participants of this event. If a malicious computer program or other method that clearly violates the fairness of the event is used, or if it is verified that there are participants who do not meet the requirements of this event, once found by this Company or reported by a third party, such participants or winners of prizes will be disqualified from the event by the organizer immediately. In addition, the prize (or its equivalent amount) shall be retrieved. Participants may not object.
  6.             If participants’ information registered for this event is lost, incorrect or damaged due to computer, network, telephone, technology or other reasons that are not attributable to the organizer and which result in invalidity of information, the organizer and its working group of the event will not bear any legal responsibility, and participants and winners may not object.
  7.             Participants taking part in the event are deemed to recognize the effectiveness of these provisions. If there are any unspecified matters, the organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, and change the details of the event without separate notice. If the prize content is changed due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (lost, damaged, etc., in the mailing process), Taiwan S.F. Express Company reserves the right to replace such with other equivalent prizes, and winners will unconditionally agree to accept the substitutes.
  8.             Matters that are not specified in the prize description will mainly be based on the description of the winning notice. The winners may not request to change the prize or exchange such for cash or discounts or make any adjustments.
  9.             Regarding the terms and conditions of this event, please consult the office websites of Taiwan S.F. Express for more details.
  10.     If this event cannot be executed due to special reasons such as force majeure, S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event without incurring any responsibility for compensation.
  11.     This Company will use the personal information provided by you, including name, telephone and email, etc., only for the purposes of creating a file for historical data of customer service, data statistical investigation and analysis, express delivery business, marketing promotion, event notification and related cooperative business services. During the necessary period for the above purposes, the collecting, processing and use of your personal information through paper, electronic files or other appropriate methods in accordance with science and technology are limited to the scope of services provided by S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. You may exercise the rights to (1) inquire or request to review, (2) make duplications, (3) request to supplement or correct, (4) request to cease collection, processing and use, or delete the personal information. If your rights are impaired due to your exercise of the aforesaid rights, this Company shall not be liable for compensation.
  12.     In case of any disputes regarding the contents of the promotional incentives, terms, and conditions between the Chinese versions and English version, the finalized standard will be based on the Chinese language version.
  13.     With regard to the details of prizes or prize exchange of this event, S.F. Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. has the right to modify the event. In the event of any disputes, Taiwan S.F. Express Company reserves the right of final interpretation and decision.
  14.     For applicable rules regarding LINE Pay and LINE POINTS, please see your LINE Pay Notes.


LINE Pay Notice:

  1.                 Only Taiwan users with LINE accounts (i.e., a LINE account set up with a Taiwan mobile number) who have registered on LINE Pay are eligible to participate in this promotion. Make sure to complete registration on LINE Pay before checkout. If a verification code appears or you directly enter LINE Pay’s main page after clicking “Wallet” > “LINE Pay” on the LINE app, it means you have registered on LINE Pay. If a “Start” page directing to registration appears after clicking “Wallet” > “LINE Pay” on the LINE app, it means you have not registered on LINE Pay. If you have failed to register on LINE Pay before checkout, you will be ineligible for this promotion.
  2.                 Before participating in this promotion, make sure to check if you have agreed to the Marketing Information Provision Policy. Reminder: You must agree to the Marketing Information Provision Policy to receive rewards in this promotion (including but not limited to LINE Points, stickers, additional values for LINE Pay Money and other rewards for LINE Pay promotions). To check if you have agreed to the Marketing Information Provision Policy, please update the LINE app to the latest version, go to LINE Pay’s main page and click “Setting” > “Terms of Service” > “Marketing Information Provision Policy” to check if “Agree” is ticked. If “Agree” is ticked, it means you have agreed.
  3.                 This promotion is applicable only to on-the-spot payment to a courier of Taiwan S.F. Express. If you make payment via “My Code” on LINE Pay at checkout, your eligibility for this promotion will be determined by the payment date and date of transaction completion in “LINE Pay”>”Transaction History” > “Payment Details,” not the time of the scheduled order.
  4.                 LINE Pay is not applicable to installment payments.
  5.                 To register on LINE Pay Money, you must update the LINE app to the latest version. If you have any question relating to registration, transaction or purchase history inquiry on LINE Pay Money, please contact the customer service center of LINE Pay Money via the customer service hotline: (02)6631-5190/(07)791-2000, or by sending an email to linepayipass@i-pass.com.tw.
  6.                 The maximum amount allowed each month for transfer (outward remittance) + payment (including purchases, utility bills and the Traffic QR Code) using LINE Pay Money is NT$300,000.
  7.                 Notice on rewards in LINE Points:

(1)            Before participating in this promotion, make sure to check if you have agreed to the Marketing Information Provision Policy. Reminder: You must agree to the Marketing Information Provision Policy to receive rewards in this promotion.

(2)            All rewards are calculated in NT dollars based on the actual amounts paid by cards linked to LINE Pay or by LINE Pay Money. Amounts discounted with LINE Points during transactions will be excluded for the calculation of rewards in LINE Points.

(3)            To view the history of rewards in LINE Points, use the mobile version of the LINE app and click “Wallet” > “LINE Points” > “History” next to the total points at the top of the page.

(4)            Your LINE Points expire 180 days after the date of your last receipt of the points. Your points will expire immediately after the expiry date. To view the information of the expiry date of your LINE Points, use the LINE app and click “Wallet” > “LINE Points” > “History” next to the total points at the top of the page.

(5)            The methods of use of LINE Points will be subject to the requirements established for LINE Points, as set forth in the official announcements of LINE Points: https://help2.line.me/linepoints/

(6)            You may not request return, exchange or redemption of the reward points for this promotion. Under whatever circumstances, all of your LINE Points will be returned if you cancel your transaction.

(7)            Keep LINE Pay under a normal condition of use. If you terminate your contract with LINE Pay or change your country settings on LINE Pay, you will become ineligible for rewards in this promotion.

(8)            To participate in this promotion, you must use a mobile with an operating system of Android 5.0 or iOS 11.0 or later versions. You must also update the LINE app and the built-in browser of your mobile to the latest version.

(9)            LINE Points and LINE Pay will collect and access the history of information related to a user’s participation in LINE Points promotions and the identification number of the user’s mobile device.

(10)        LINE Pay will not be legally liable for any delay, loss, error, unidentifiability or damage in a user’s data that has occurred due to computer, the Internet, telephone, technology or any cause not attributable to LINE Pay. The user may not raise any objection.

(11)        Make sure to agree to the above notice before participating in this promotion. Other matters not provided for herein or any change of conditions will be subject to the requirements of LINE Pay.

  1.                 If you have any question relating to this promotion, please contact the customer service center of LINE Pay/LINE Pay Money (original iPASS accounts):

(1)            Payment using a linked credit card/debit card: Contact the customer service hotline 02-6631-5166 or fill out the question form at: https://contact-cc.line.me/serviceId/11399

(2)            Payment using LINE Pay Money: Contact the customer service hotline 02-6631-5190 or send an email to linepayipass@i-pass.com.tw

  1.                 To protect the rights of consumers in payments using LINE Pay, if you are unable to make a transaction, you must contact the customer service center of LINE Pay/LINE Pay Money within 24 hours and provide (1) the date and time of purchase and (2) the circumstances you have encountered for verification.
  2.           By participating in this promotion, you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Service of LINE Pay and LINE Pay Money and the promotional rules above. If a user is found to be acting in violation of the Terms of Service or the principles of fairness of this promotion, LINE Pay and the iPASS company may cancel the user’s eligibility for this promotion. To read the Terms of Service, go to LINE Pay’s main page > “Settings” > “Terms of Service.”
  3.           For other matters not provided for herein, see the information page of LINE Pay promotions. LINE Pay and Taiwan S.F. Express reserve the right to change or terminate this promotion and adopt final interpretations and decisions for all matters relating to this promotion without notice.
  4.          ※Manage your money carefully and take your credit seriously※For information regarding the revolving credit interest rate of your credit card, the processing fees for cash advance and other charges, see the website of the issuing bank.


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