Data Privacy Policy


Personal Information Protection Policy

To provide complete and diverse services and products to you, Taiwan S.F Express Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) uses and retains your personal information according to the regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act for the personal information provided by you in order to protect your privacy rights. In addition, the Company will perform utilization and management on the use and collection of your personal information according to the following statements.

Personal Information Protection Statement


Purpose of Use of Customer Information

For the purposes of business and technology information, customer management, membership management, marketing, information and database management, statistical investigation and analysis, other purposes complying with the business registration items or services specified in the Articles of Incorporation, the Company collects and utilizes the personal information provided by you within the scope of the aforementioned purposes.


Customer Information Collection Method, Scope of Use

When you use the services and products of the Company, based on the service provided or products sold, the Company will request you to provide relevant information (such as: member information, product home delivery information and other marketing activities based on the service needs) necessary for the service in order to obtain your basic information. The Company will only use your information on the individual services requested by you.


Period of Use and Area of Use of Customer Information

The Company will continue to use the personal information provided by you until you submit a request for the Company to stop such use or until the date when the Company stops providing service. The area of use of your personal information is only within the service scope of S.F. Group. In addition, to provide you complete and diverse services as well as greater service quality, we will provide your information to cooperative product delivery operators, product suppliers or affiliate enterprises in compliance with the laws or based on your consent in order to provide the individual service requested by you, marketing activity, and relevant discount information to you.


Customer Information Classification and Item

According to the needs of the service provided, the Company may request you to provide personal information as follows: basic information: including the information of the name, date of birth, identification certificate number, telephone, address and e-mail box.


Customer Information Saving and Preservation Method

Your personal information is strictly preserved in the database system of the Company. In addition, all authorized users are required to only access and use the information under the information authorization management regulations established by the Company. No unauthorized person can pass through the authorization control system to obtain the information.


Subject of Customer Information Disclosure

We do not arbitrarily sell, exchange, lease or other altered methods thereof to disclose your personal information to other groups or individuals. Nevertheless, under the following three conditions, we will share your personal information with a third party.


  • Where your prior consent or authorized permission is obtained.
  • Where there is a request made by a judicial unit or other competent authorities through legitimate and official procedures.
  • Where for the purpose of providing you other services or discount benefits, there is a need to share your information with a third party providing such services and discount benefits. We will provide sufficient explanation and information during the event, and you may freely choose to whether accept such services or discount benefits.


Customer Information Change and Revision Method

For your personal information preserved at the Company, you may submit a written request or e-mail document to the Company in order to request the exercise of the rights of: inquiries or request for reviewing, making duplicate copies, supplement or correction, request the stoppage of collection, processing or utilization of your information, and request for deletion of your information. However, for the aforementioned rights, in case where a member fails to comply with the application procedure or regulatory requirements, or where the Company has the obligation for preservation according to the laws, or where the laws specify otherwise, then such restriction shall not be applied.


If you request responses/inquires, providing a review or creating duplicate copies of your member registration information with the site, the Company will collect the necessary cost and fee. In addition, for the aforementioned application, an application document is required to be completed, and the Company may request you to provide identification proof documents for verification. If an agent is authorized to submit the application, then a letter of authorization shall be submitted, and the identification proof documents of the member and the agent shall be submitted.


Where your personal information is changed, you may perform correction on the webpage of the Company or may contact the customer service center of the Company to correct your personal information.


Exit Method Selection

We will perform exchange, utilization and disclosure of your information during the joint marketing events between S.F. Express Co., Ltd. and affiliates according to the laws and regulations within the scope of information agreed and selected by you on relevant contracts or electronic documents with the Company. If you disagree with providing your information to the Company or continuous use of your information by vendors or affiliates of the Company, you may also contact the customer service of the site, and we will stop the continuous use of your information. You may freely choose the extent of the personal information provided. However, in case where the information provided is insufficient or contains errors, the Company may not be able to provide complete service.


Since the Company may delete your home delivery record when providing assistance to you in executing the request described in this paragraph, the Company will perform the removal or stop of use of the information immediately after obtaining your consent.


Privacy Protection Consultation

If you have any questions on our privacy protection policy or the collection, utilization and update of personal information, please contact us during the business hours:

  • Service hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:00 / Saturday 08:00 - 17:30
  • Customer service direct line: 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone)

This Personal Information Protection Statement shall become effective when you agree with the providing of your personal information. However, due to the social environment, changes of laws and advancement of technologies, for the purpose of protecting the customer personal information security and privacy, we will revise this statement of announcement at any time and will update and inform you the revision as soon as possible.