S.F. Express HK Fully Supports Anti-Scam Consumer Protection Charter


  • As technology advances and consumer behavior changes, online shopping has become an important part of people's daily lives. To increase public awareness of protecting credit card and personal information, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority recently announced to collaborate with the Hong Kong Association of Banks to launch the Anti-Scam Consumer Protection Charter. This Charter has gained full support from the Hong Kong Police Force, the Consumer Council, and various major merchants.


    As one of the participating merchants, SF Express HK, together with 14 major merchants from retail, telecommunications, catering, transportation, and logistics industries, pledged to implement the four principles of the Charter. This aims to enhance public vigilance and prevent phishing and fraudulent messages sent by impersonating banks and merchants, thereby avoiding losses.


    The four Charter Principles include:

    1. Participating Institutions will not send any instant electronic messages (e.g. SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc) to customers with embedded hyperlinks to acquire personal and credit card information online.

    2. Participating Institutions will work together in raising public awareness of credit card scams. This will include a key message of “Beware of scams! Do not provide personal and credit card information via hyperlinks embedded in suspicious messages purported to be coming from banks or our institution!” to the public, through their official websites, mobile apps, publicity and promotional messages to facilitate raising public awareness of credit card scams.

    3. Participating Institutions will provide contact information on their official websites, mobile apps and other appropriate channels for customers to make enquiries (e.g. verify the identities of the message senders or authenticity of the messages).

    4. Participating Institutions will provide relevant training to their frontline staff (including sales and customer service staff) on the Charter so that they will be able to handle customer enquiries with anti-scam education messages as appropriate.


    SF Express HK has been actively practicing corporate social responsibility. We will continue to collaborate with stakeholders from different sectors to educate customers on how to prevent various types of fraud and not randomly clicking on links, strengthening the protection of the rights and interests of our customers, consumers, and the public.


    Check out the Anti-Scam Consumer Protection Charter and Participating Institutions: https://bit.ly/44bsYlg