Special Warehousing

  • Service Introduction

    SF provides special warehousing service if the delivery address is a wharf, airport, logistics company / center / warehouse, bonded area or customs supervision area. A service charge will be included subject to the relative standard. Meanwhile, we also provide customers with prepaid warehousing fees service.

  • Service Area

    Shipments between Mainland China, as well as shipments between Mainland China and Hong Kong District with areas or addresses which need special warehousing service. For details, please refer to ‘Special Warehousing Address Library (Mainland ChinaHong Kong). 

  • Charges (Hong Kong & Mainland China)

    [Hong Kong]

    • (Warehouse, Logistics Center, Airport, Terminal, Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center, AsiaWorld-Expo): RMB300/ HKD300/ MOP300/ NTD1,200 per shipment per special warehousing point


    [Mainland China]

    • Pickup or deliver in Mainland China (Warehouse, Pier, Airport, Exhibition Center, Logistics Company/Center): RMB100/ HKD100/ MOP100/ NTD400 per shipment per special warehousing point

    • Pickup or deliver in Mainland China (Customs Warehouse,  Bonded Warehouse): RMB150/ HKD150/ MOP150/ NTD600 per shipment per special warehousing point


    • Prepaid Warehousing Fee: Except the warehouse gate charge, other fees which are caused by delivering shipments to special warehouse addresses will be reimbursed for actual expenses on the shipper. The warehousing fee is excluded for international shipping, however, other fees that caused by special warehouse need to pay.


    • Payment method:Paid by shipper, paid by consignee or paid by third party.


    Remarks: Due to the additional documents and operating procedures involved in site control, if there is any delivery requirements of customs warehouses and bonded warehouses, please call (852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong) for inquiries.


    1If the shipment is picked up or delivered to more than one special warehouse address, the warehousing fee will be charged accordingly.

  • Notice for Use

    • Warehousing service fee will be charged for any deliveries to the addresses specified in Special Warehousing Address Library within Hong Kong District and Mainland China, regardless of any pre-payment for the customers. 


    • For Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please click here.