Notice on Adjustment of Pre-appointed Customs Declaration System for Express Shipment Imported to Taiwan Region

  • To prevent customers or customs agents from falling victim to their personal information being used to import illegal goods or scam parcels, the Ministry of Finance announced on its official website that a new pre-appointed customs declaration system will be enforced from 28 December 2021. If the imported express shipments are not confirmed by the importer in advance, the goods will not be declared for import:


    Phase 1:     From 28 December 2021, the new system will apply to those who have registered with their real name on the APP but have reported fraud identity, or those who have not replied to APP notifications repeatedly.

    Phase 2:     From 1 March 2022, the public may set up the APP by using their real name to declare imported goods and confirm whether or not the imported goods are theirs.

    Phase 3:     The new system will apply to all members of the public from 1 July 2022.


    If an importer intends to import goods from overseas, SF Express will send customs declaration information via the APP before the goods arrive in Taiwan region. Upon confirmation by the importer that the goods are indeed theirs, then the export customs clearance of the exporting country will then start to proceed. In order to avoid the loss of the return shipment due to the failure to complete the appointed customs declaration process after the goods arrive in Taiwan region, importers are advised to follow the below steps:


    Step 1:        Download the EZ WAY app (Android downloadiOS download) and complete EZ WAY member registration and real-name verification.

    Step 2:        When ordering, fill in the correct name and mobile number of the recipient.

    Step 3:        When your goods arrive in Taiwan region from overseas, a pre-appointed declaration notification will be sent by EZ WAY. Please make sure the contents of the declaration are correct as soon, then click on “Declare Conformity”.


    For the Notice on Real-name Authentication for Taiwan Individual Imported Express Shipment, please click here.


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