Hospital Authority Medication Delivery Service

Promotion Period : 5.Jan.2024 - 31.Dec.2024


Starting from May 2023, SFHK has partnered with Kerry Pharma to provide a Medication Delivery Service for Hospital Authority (HA) patients attending its specialist outpatient clinics. This initiative aims to provide patients with greater convenience so that they can more flexibly manage their time, thereby enhancing patient experience.


Through the HA's mobile application "HA Go”, patients can arrange for the delivery of their prescribed medications to their homes or designated locations (excluding post office boxes or building mailrooms) so they do not need to wait at the hospital to collect their medications after clinic visits. Since 30 October 2023, the Service has been extended to cover all patients attending specialist outpatient clinics, discharged from the hospital, and receiving accident and emergency services of all public hospitals (except St. John Hospital).


Service Features:

  • Supports a wide range of medications, including medications that require refrigeration.
  • A standard delivery fee of HKD 65 per prescription, regardless of the quantity, weight, size, or type of medications prescribed.
  • Secure verification system using the QR code on the HA Go mobile app.
  • For delivery orders with payment completed before 3:00 PM on weekdays, the medications will be delivered by the next day at the earliest.
  • The Service covers all areas of Hong Kong, including outlying islands (except restricted areas).


For more information about the Hospital Authority's Medication Delivery Service, please click here


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