Welcoming the Year of the Dragon: SFHK Announces Chinese New Year Delivery Services and Service Points Operation Arrangements

  • (Hong Kong, 26 January 2024) With the upcoming Lunar New Year, S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited (hereinafter referred to as "SFHK") is committed to providing uninterrupted service to customers throughout the year. During the Lunar New Year period, SFHK will continue its operations as usual, celebrating the New Year with customers and the public. The details of the special service arrangements for the Lunar New Year are as follows:


    Express Delivery Service in Operation, SF Service Points Continue to Serve the Public

    During the Lunar New Year period, all shipments and deliveries, including cold chain services, will be maintained. Customers can continue to choose door-to-door pickup or delivery, or utilize SF Lockers, selected SF Service Points*, and SF Service Partners for sending and receiving shipments. Additionally, a Lunar New Year Resource Adjustment Fee of HKD 15/MOP 15 per shipment will be charged for shipments from Hong Kong and Macau to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan from the first to the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. For detailed information on SFHK’s Lunar New Year holiday service arrangements, please click here.


    SFHK Chinese New Year Services Arrangements:




    Shipping Service

    Delivery Service

    Customer Service

    Hong Kong & Macau

    9th February

    ·   Cut-off Time: 12:00


    ·  Remain Normal Service

    ·  Same Day Delivery Service as usual

    Service Hours

    08:00 – 18:00

    10th – 13th February

    ·   Cut-off Time:16:00 

    ·   Self-drop off and to-door pick up services are available

    ·   Shipping to Mainland China, Hong Kong Region, Macau Region and Taiwan Region ,Chinese New Year Surcharge will be charged of HKD/MOP 15 per shipment.

    ·  Self-pick up (SF Lockers, some SF Service Points, SF Partners) and to-door delivery services are available

    ·  Same Day Delivery will not be available

    Service Hours

    08:00 - 18:00

    14th to 17th February

    ·   Cut-off Time:16:00

    ·   Remain Normal Service

    ·   Remain Normal Service

    ·   Same Day Delivery Service will not be available

    Service Hours


    (Mon - Fri)

    08:00 – 20:30


    (Sat to Sun)

    08:00 – 20:00

    18th February

    ·   Cut-off Time:16:00

    ·   Same Day Delivery Service will not be available

    19th February

    ·   All services return to normal


    *Please click here to check the Chinese New Year operating hours of SF Service Points.


    Convenience Services "Medication Delivery" and “Airport Check-in and Baggage Delivery Service" Operating as Usual

    In addition to the traditional express delivery services, SFHK, in collaboration with Kerry Pharma and other partners, will continue to provide medication delivery services in public hospitals, specialty clinics, discharge services, and emergency rooms (excluding Cheung Chau Hospital) throughout Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year period. Other services such as Yuen Yuen Tong Chinese medicine delivery, airport check-in and baggage delivery, and designated passport delivery will also be available as usual, with orders and deliveries processed through the designated platforms.


    "Medication Delivery" Service: Customers can arrange medication delivery through the Hospital Authority's mobile application "HA Go". For more details, please refer to here.



    "Airport Check-in and Baggage Delivery" Service: Providing baggage delivery, check-in, and storage services, customers can place orders and inquire through the SFHK APP. During the Lunar New Year holiday period, customers who need to use baggage delivery services at SF Stores can visit the following six stores: Sheung Shui (852NDL), Mong Kok (852BDL), LOHAS Park (852Z101), Ma On Shan (852FDL), Ap Lei Chau (852Z601), and Yuen Long (852UFL). For more details, please refer to here.


    Ms. Charlize LIU, Head of Public Affairs and Communications of SFHK, said, "SFHK’s express delivery services are closely intertwined with the daily lives of the public. We will continue to operate throughout the year, ensuring that customer needs are met during the Lunar New Year period. Services that are essential to people's livelihoods, such as medication delivery and airport check-in and baggage delivery, will continue to be provided as usual, offering appropriate support and care to customers, as we celebrate the New Year together. On behalf of SFHK, I wish our customers and the public good health and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon!"


    In regards to the different customs clearance arrangements at various ports, cross-border delivery services may experience delays due to clearance times. Customers can check the latest status of their shipments on the SFHK official website or SFHK APP. For any inquiries, please call (852) 2730 0273 (Hong Kong) or (853) 2873 7373 (Macau); WhatsApp (852) 5232 3333; Facebook Messenger: SF Express - Hong Kong; WeChat: SF_Express-HK.




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    During the Lunar New Year holiday, all collection and delivery services will be maintained. Customers can choose to arrange door-to-door pickup and delivery, or utilize selected SF Service Points, SF Lockers, and SF Partners for sending and receiving shipments.




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    SFHK’s convenience services will remain operational during the Lunar New Year period, including services such as "Medication Delivery", "Airport Check-in and Baggage Delivery Services", and passport delivery.