• Service Introduction

    SF-eship offers exclusive express services to traders for sending personal items to expand their online business in Mainland China at a lower cost.

  • Delivery Time

    6-8 working days

  • Service Area

    Hong Kong/ Macau to Mainland China

  • Freight

    Flat rate all across China 


    First 2kg (HKD/MOP): $73

    Rate per subsequent 0.5kg (HKD/MOP): $8

    *No fuel surcharge for this service

  • Parcel Classification

    • Dimension Limitation: 

    200cm x 80cm x 70cm or below


    • Content Limitation: 

     Only personal postal articles under the China Customs Regulations is accepted (e.g. Clothing, handbags, watches).


    • Customers must upload the recipient's identification documents within 5 days for customs clearance procedures; if they are not uploaded within the time limit, the shipment may have the chance to be returned to the sender, and the customer will have to bear for the freight incurred.


     Shopping invoices or online shopping screenshots are required.


  • Notice for Use

    • Please click here for the detail of Customs Clearance Identification Documents Upload Procedure.


    • Please click here for the detail of terms and conditions of EC-Ship.


    • Please click here for Terms and Conditions of Carriage.