Alcohol Delivery

  • Service Introduction

    SFHK provides a special delivery service for customers who have continuous or bulk delivery of liquors, transport each fine wine with care to ensure it reaches the destination safely.

  • Service Area

    Hong Kong local.

  • Service Advantages

    • Exclusive delivery service for liquors.
    • Charge by the number of liquors, easy for business budgeting.
    • Provide to-door / self-drop off / self-pickup services, meet different customer needs with flexibility.
    • Special reinforced packaging and handling to protect the liquors and reduce the risk of damaging.
    • Support value-added services such as [Cash on Delivery] to meet customer needs.

  • Parcel Classification

    • All liquors including alcoholic beverages, cooking wines, and non-alcoholic beverages with the names of "beer", "champagne", "fruit wine", "sparkling wine".
    • Including but not limited to bottled wine, boxed wine, canned wine, barreled wine, etc.
    • Must be intact and unopened, with commercial labels and packaging, and must be legally operated and produced products with quality assurance.

  • Freight

    Number of liquors

    (packaged in a box)


    1 Bottle


    2 Bottles


    6 Bottles



    • Payment methods: Paid by shipper’s credit account.

  • Notice for Use

    This service is only available for customers who were referred by the wine delivery project team.


    Customers who are interested in this service, please contact the wine delivery project team at immediately, and designated representative will follow up with you for further arrangements!


    SF’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage apply.