Pickup Authorization

  • Service Introduction

    SF Express assists customers in arranging pickup service at assigned locations. The Pickup Authorization Service allows customers to save transportation cost and enhance delivery efficiency. 

  • Service Area

    Entrusting Party: Hong Kong/Macau Region

  • Charges

    Pickup party (origin): Hong Kong/Macau region

    • Order Placement:
      Use SFHK self-service ordering tools to place order by directly filling the shipper information in the “sender” field

    • Handling Fee:

  • Charges

    Pickup party (origin): Mainland China


    • Order Placement:

    Download the “Pick-up Service Authorization Form (Mainland China)”, email to szcs@sf-express.com after filled in the information.


    • Remarks:

    If you authorize the shipment pickup with documents including but not limited to entrustment letter, pickup document, delivery note, delivery order and other paper documents, etc.) in Mainland China, an additional service fee of HKD/MOP 30 or RMB 20 per shipment will be charged according to the payment area. Regarding the services and charges for [Pickup Authorization (with document)], it is subject to the release of the pickup location (origin), for details, please refer to the announcement on the SF Express Official WeChat Account and the official website of SF Express Group.

  • Notice for Use

    • For Terms and Conditions of Carriage, please click here.