[Important Notice] Malicious Phishing Emails Posing as Taiwan S.F. Express

  • Dear customers, 


    We have been made aware that scam emails have been sent under our name. Although these emails show Taiwan S.F. Express, it does not come from our server. For example: (LU.SF)-TW<LU.SF@sf-express.com.tw><XXX@XXX.XXX>. Please note that this is a scam email, and you may be attacked by malware after clicking on the link. This may interfere with the operation of your device, affecting information security. Please also make sure that the email comes from our server, @sf-express.com.tw, and is not just under our name.


    If you require further information, please contact the customer service hotline on 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone).


    Taiwan S.F. Express cares about your information security

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