Delivery Address Correction Service

  • Service Introduction

    In case clients have a demand for changing their delivery address, S.F. Express provides the service of changing their delivery address.

  • Service Charge

    NTD$60 per time per shipment.


    1.The payment is charged for the service of changing the shipping address. The original shipping fee still needs to be paid.

    2.The service doesn't provide the option of payment method by paying with Cash Upon Delivery.

    3.When the payment is priced in a foreign currency, the exchange rate is based on the current month.

    4.This service is only available where both receivers' address are in the same region.Otherwise it will be charged as domestic delivery rates. (Region chart)

  • Service Coverage

    Taiwan Domestic Delivery and Import Delivery.

  • Notice for Use

    1.The service is not available in the outlying islands and the remote areas of the main island of Taiwan.

    2.In case the client needs to change their shipping address to the address of a convenience store, a new delivery order should be placed and the shipping fee is charged subject to the price of delivery available in the convenience store.

    3.In terms of Export Delivery, the availability of changing the shipping address depends on the actual tracking status of the shipment. Once the shipment has arrived at the destined nation, the service charge for changing the shipping address is subject to the rate priced in the area.

    4.For details, please consult with the “Online Customer Service” or call the Customer Service Hot Line 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone)