Hong Kong EF Locker

  • Service Introduction

    To provide customers with more varieties of shipping methods on sending and picking-up options, now the service for shipment sent from Taiwan to the destination address in Hong Kong is available for customers choosing to ship from Taiwan to the Hong Kong “EF Locker”. Taiwan S.F. combines Hong Kong EF Lockers with the intensive network of S.F. Express Hong Kong and the brilliant courier services to bring customers a more comprehensive delivery experience.

  • Service Advantages

    1.A wide range of service points - there are more than 200 EF Lockers in Hong Kong reaching to the major shopping centers and the commercial and industrial buildings throughout the districts of Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. Please click here for detailed information of Hong Kong EF Locker.

    2.Convenient and speedy - The receiver can pick up the shipment by inputting the pickup password offered in the text message on the cellphone. For further details in the EF Locker Instructions.

    3.Safe and secure - The lockers are equipped with 24/7 CCTV to monitor and protect you and your shipment.The Lockers are monitored by closed-circuit system 24 hours a day to provide secure warranties to your and the receiver’s shipments.

    4.Diverse payment methods - The Hong Kong Octopus Card and O! ePay are accepted for freight payment service.

  • Service Coverage

    Hong Kong 

  • Notice for Use

    When filling out the shipping order form, the sender can provide the detailed address and the code number of the EF Locker as the destination address. (Please click here for the inquiry of EF Locker address and related information.) When the shipment arrives the EF Locker, the receiver will get a pickup message offering the one-time-use password.

    Check the sizes of the EF Lockers before you pick one. Oversized items will incur a reassignment service fee of HKD 10 to be paid by the recipient. Please note that this service rate is subject to the latest announcement of Hong Kong SF Express.