Importer Real-Name Authentication

Dear clients,


Due to the identities of the importers subject to the current simple customs clearance measures for low-valued imported parcel shipments being easily counterfeited or fictitiously made up for the purpose of conducting behaviors such as fraud, drug trafficking, and importation of controlled goods, as well as in order to prevent the false declaration of imported express goods and protect the personal information of the general public, Taiwan Customs has announced a trial on the importer real-name registration, and the scope only applies to the personal identity (identity of the corporate juridical person is excluded), which can be registered through the real-name registration platform by providing information including the importer's phone numbers, personal ID card number, Chinese and English names, address and so on. After authentication, the importer's low valued shipments (CIF-Cost, Insurance and Freight valued NT$ 50,000 and below) are allowed to use the registered phone number for express companies to complete the customs clearance with the simple customs value declaration form, which can replace the personal ID card number to speed up customs clearance. In the future, if an express shipment does not have its importer registered with their real identity, the customs system will keep them on the pending list.


Taiwan Customs will provide three months’ time for the general public to register online and the related companies to carry out the relevant system settings. It's estimated that the data comparison of the low valued taxable portion will be carried out from September 20, 2018 onwards. For detailed registration instructions, please go to the official website of Taiwan Customs.


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