Terms and Conditions of Domestic Delivery

1.  The outline of rules and regulations, jurisdiction and severability:

  • This shipping form is limited to be used when the express shipping departures from Taiwan.
  • This agreement goes into effect on the date when it is signed. The contracting parties are Taiwan S.F. Express Co., Ltd (hereinafter “our company”) and the sender; both parties agree that the agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the place of departure, and subjected to the concurrent jurisdiction of the place of departure.
  • The terms and conditions and other shipping related original documents constitute a complete and exclusive contractual terms. If some of the contents are not applicable due to imperative law, the validity of other terms will not be influenced.   


2.  Shipment limitations are as listed below:

  • The shipping application doesn’t comply with the terms of requirements as listed in this agreement.
  • The sender doesn’t fill out shipping form in accordance with the shipping regulations.
  • The single shipment weighs more than 20 kilograms; the total measures of length, width and height exceeds 170 centimeters; the longest side exceeds 150 centimeters.
  • Objects that our company considers to be suspended for safety and legal reasons (including but not limited to: cash, negotiable instruments, stamps, antiques, precious metals and stones, animals, human body, pornographic objects, medicine, liquid, white-color powder) 


3.  The sender must pay and indemnify our company for any loss that may incur against our company resulting from the sender’s violation of laws and regulations, and the Company shall have the right to rescind the contract at its own discretion:

  • The sender agrees to ensure the information on the shipping form is complete, accurate, including, but not limited to the descriptions of the shipment, sender’s and receiver’s address and corresponding contact details, etc.
  • The sender agrees to ensure the description of the shipment is complete and accurate, and the package is proper and suitable for normal standard of safety transportation.
  • The sender agrees to ensure the shipment complies with laws and regulations.
  • The sender agrees to ensure the sender or his/her authorized representative signs the shipping form; the sender will abide by the agreement. 


4.  Shipping, deliver and failed to deliver:

  • The sender accepts all routes including possible transport hubs.
  • Express shipment will be shipped to the receiver’s address provided by the sender, but not directly handed over to the receiver personally. If the receiver’s address is a residence, the security, cohabitant or any people with the same identity will be treated as the receiver. If the receiver’s address is other than a residence, the manager, colleague or any people with the same identity will be treated as the receiver. If there is a collective station at the address of the receiver, the shipment will be sent to that station.
  • When the receiver refuses to accept the express shipment or refuse to pay the shipping charge, or when the receiver is not confirmable or unreachable, our company will contact the sender, and will deposit the shipment in the location as instructed by the sender. If any extra charges occur, the sender agrees to pay for the expense. If the sender doesn’t give any instructions, our company has the right to handle the shipment without any other notices, and is exempted from any responsibilities to the sender or any other parties. If any income occurs, the balance will return to the sender.
  • If the receiver should pay the shipping fee, the sender can pay for the shipping fee before the shipping is complete, and there will be an extra NT$100 process fee. If any delay occurs, the sender should take the full responsibility. If the receiver has paid for the shipping fee, the sender cannot make any changes to the payment method. 


5.  Charge and the right of retention:

  • Our company is required to provide service to the sender and on behalf of the sender to fill out any documents or make correction on product or service coding number and pay the tax, duties in accordance with laws and regulation.
  • The sender may make different payment instructions. But, if the receiver doesn’t fulfill the payment responsibility, the sender should pay for all the payment regarding deposit and transportation including but not limited to round-trip shipping cost, warehouse cost, insurance charge, remote area surcharge and disbursement, etc.
  • If the sender or the receiver doesn’t clear the shipping payment or other relevant payment, our company has the right of retention regarding the shipment, and notify the sender or the receiver to clear the payment in three months (starting from the date that the notification has received) ; after the payment deadline, if the sender or the receiver doesn’t clear the payment, our company can sell the shipment, and take the sales amount as a compensation.  


6.  Exemption from liability:

  • Our company will not responsible for the loss or damages caused by the reasons beyond our control. These reasons include but are not limited to: natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, storms, floods, heavy fog; war, aviation accidents or embargo order; defects or features of the shipment (with or without notification); riot or civil unrest; acts or improper behaviors conducted by non-employees or any person without contractual relationship with our company, such as the sender, the receiver, the third party or any other government department; strike incidents; magnetic damage or the deletion of digital video, audio files, data or recordings. 


7.  Limitation of liability:

  • The compensation by our company doesnt exceed NT$20 thousand (hereinafter referred to as the limit)
  • The loss caused by damage on the shipment, the compensation is based on the value of the shipment at the time of departure by the carrier, and the degree of damage.  
  • The loss caused by late-delivery, the compensation by our company is limited to amount of the shipping fee.
  • If any lost, damages, late-delivery occur concurrently, the amount of compensation will be accumulated; but, the sum of compensation payable by the carrier is no more than the limit.
  • The liability of our company to the sender is limited to the direct loss and the “limit” mention in this clause. Our company is not responsible for any other loss including but not limited to profits, income, interest and the loss of future business, no matter these losses are caused by specific or indirect reasons, or with or without notification to our company of the risks that may occur.
  • Each single express shipment can claim for one-time compensation, and the compensation will be treated as the complete and final solution. If the sender considers the terms regarding compensation in agreement to be inadequate in covering for the loss, the sender should get insurance for the shipment.
  • Any compensation should be proposed in the form of paper copy and send by the carrier that can reach our company in 30 days; otherwise, the company will no longer bear any responsibility under no circumstances.


8.  Personal Information Collection:

  • Our company reserves the right to use the personal information you provided (including name, identification card number, telephone number, address and e-mail) for establishing customer service history record, data statistics investigation and analysis, express delivery service and related purposes of cooperative services.
  • During above necessary period for the above purposes, our company is limited to the services range of S.F. Express Group, collects, processes and uses the personal information you provided in the form of paper hard copies, digital files or other proper means suitable for current scientific technology. 
  • You may exert your rights of (1) requesting for inquiry or viewing, (2) producing multiplications, (3) requesting for supplement or modification, (4) requesting for stop collecting, processing, utilizing or requesting for deleting. The company will not be responsible for any compensation if the rights suffered by losses resulting from the exercise of the rights mentioned above. 
  • With regard to the personal data you provided to the company, you warrant that the parties involved in the personal data have also read and agreed to the above notices and that you will assume responsibility for any and all damages and losses to the company in case of any breach thereof.
  • If you need to request for inquiry, viewing, making supplement or modification, or you have any questions, please contact our company at 412-8830(dial 02 ahead with mobile phone).