FLEXISHIP is a free APP that customers can enjoy self-service ordering, order management, service inquiries and more. You can manage your shipments easily!


Step 1

Scan the QR code and download the SF Express App.


Step 2

Register and log in as a member with your mobile number (10 digits, starting with 09) to access SF Express App services. (Membership Registration Instructions)


Step 3

On the homepage of the SF Express App, various functions are available. You can place mobile orders for shipments, track packages, access online customer service, utilize customs clearance services, check shipping rates and delivery timeframes, and explore various other SF Express services. All these functionalities are accessible through the SF Express App.


Step 4

Choose "Send" to directly select your destination within the SF Express App. For domestic deliveries, the service covers the main island of Taiwan; for cross-border shipments, it includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau; for international shipments, it covers overseas international regions. After selecting the destination, fill in the waybill information in the provided fields. Once completed, choose to submit the order, and you can easily complete the self-service order process.



Step 5

To save your valuable time, you can choose "Door-to-Door Pickup" on the order page, and after successful placement, a courier will come to pick up the parcel at your location. If you prefer to fill out the information in advance and either drop off the parcel at a service point or contact customer service for self-shipping, you can choose "Self-Shipping" on the order page. When opting for "Self-Shipping," present the "Self-Shipping QR Code" to the courier, and your shipment will be successfully processed.

Door-to-Door Pickup  




Step 6

Select "Track Package" to either scan the QR code on the waybill or enter the waybill number manually for an instant status update on your shipment. If it's an international order not yet picked up, you can click on the yellow section at the top to view international orders. The "Track Package" page allows you to browse through your shipping history (displaying the last three months), providing a comprehensive overview of both current and past orders/waybills.