Service Introduction

“IUOP” is an order placement platform to quickly manage shipments. It provides diverse logistics integration services offered by physical stores, self-run e-commerce companies and wholesale merchants.

“IUOP” has powerful functions that are easy to use: Besides providing smart order entry, batch import, custom templates, electronic waybill printing, and shipment status inquiry, “IUOP” also seamlessly assists merchants in managing orders and waybills.



How to use

1.       Click here for the order placement page.

2.       Click hereto register. </94

3.       If you have any questions, please contact Taiwan S.F. Express Online Customer Service



1.       Quick order placement: Multiple order creation with shipping order and business invoice issued at the same time.

2.       Data management: Database of commonly used products or addresses can be created for quick order placement.

3.       Logistics integration: Local home delivery and international import and export express ordering service available, with relevant logistics value-added services provided.

4.       Order management: Quick access to the latest status of all order.

5.       System docking: API system docking to achieve the fast order placement.