Use S.F. Express International Express to Earn SF EXPRESS's coupons

Promotion Period : 13.Nov.2023 - 31.Dec.2023


Event Scope: Taiwan

Target Audience: Non-monthly settlement customers who register on the SF Express APP (Taiwan version) and place orders (new members)

Event Period: 2023.11.13 ~ 2023.12.31

Event Products: International Standard Express, International Special Offer

Event Flow: All flows of event products

Event Method: During the event period, register as a non-monthly settlement customer (new member) on the Taiwan SF APP (Taiwan version) and receive a NT$500 discount voucher for international shipments (hereinafter referred to as SF voucher, NT$100 each, a total of 5 vouchers); during the event period, use the SF voucher to send international shipments, fill out the form (, and have a chance to win exclusive SF commemorative items and LINE Points.


First Special Gift - Register as a non-monthly settlement customer (new member) on the SF Express APP (Taiwan version) and receive a NT$500 SF voucher for international shipments.

*The gift of 5 SF vouchers of NT$100 each is exclusive for ordering international express shipments. It can be redeemed only when the single shipping fee amount is greater than NT$500, and only 1 SF voucher can be used for each shipping order.

*For the usage details of SF vouchers, please refer to Article 6 of the event terms and conditions.

*SF vouchers will be credited to the registered account (after completing member basic information) within 3-5 working days.


Second Special Gift - During the event period, use SF vouchers to send international shipments and have a chance to win exclusive SF commemorative items and LINE Points.

After the event ends, consolidate all registered shipping orders(, and each shipping order is eligible for one lottery chance. It is expected that 100 winners will be drawn before January 8, 2024, and the results will be announced on the official Taiwan SF Express website activity page


  • LINE Points 500 points - 5 winners
  • LINE Points 300 points - 10 winners
  • SF Express Exclusive Gift Pack - 10 winners
  • LINE Points 100 points - 20 winners
  • SF Express Exclusive Travel Set - 20 winners
  • LINE Points 50 points - 35 winners


Prize Redemption Method: Winners will be contacted through the E-mail provided during registration; LINE Points will be sent via E-mail, and other prizes will be delivered to the address specified by the winner, with personal signature required for receipt.



Terms and Conditions:

1.This event is limited to the participation of all flows of International Standard Express (including Standard Express+) and International Special Offer products, excluding Taiwan domestic delivery, cross-strait (China, Hong Kong, Macau) shipments, and international heavy cargo.

2.The receiving service area is limited to the main island of Taiwan and does not cover outlying islands. The service scope is subject to the official website of SF Express Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as the organizer).

3.The deadline for event registration is until 23:59 on December 31, 2023, based on the registration time through the event link.

4.The SF vouchers given as gifts cannot be exchanged for cash or other equivalent items.

5.The eligibility for the lucky draw and the recipients of the prizes are limited to the sender. The delivery area for prizes is restricted to Taiwan (an additional postage fee of NT$150 will be charged for outlying islands). The organizer will not mail prizes to non-winners or overseas regions. If unable to claim the prize, it will be considered forfeited, and the prize will be redrawn.

6.First Special Gift - After registering as a member, SF vouchers will be credited to the registered account within 3 to 5 working days. When sending packages, the sender must present the QR code of the SF voucher within the Taiwan SF Express APP on their mobile phone for the personnel of the organizer to scan before enjoying the discount. If the payment for the international express shipment is made by the recipient member located in Taiwan, they can also present the QR code to the personnel of the organizer for scanning when the delivery is made.

7.Second Special Gift - SF Express exclusive commemorative items and LINE Points are expected to be drawn before January 8, 2024. Winners will be contacted and prizes will be sent via E-mail, and the results will be announced on the organizer's official website. Winners must sign relevant documents according to the organizer's regulations and tax laws to claim the prizes.

8.Announcement of the complete list of winners will be made on the official website of SF Express Taiwan ( by January 8, 2024.

9.LINE POINT CODE Guidelines:

(1) For LINE POINT CODE alphanumeric serial numbers, please go to the Point Code website to redeem:

(2) For LINE POINT CODE URL-type serial numbers, click on the URL with parameters to complete the redemption.

(3) The winner must be a user of the Taiwan LINE application:

- If you have not used the LINE application, please download and install it before proceeding.

- You need to log in to LINE and provide an email address and password in LINE settings.

- The phone number and LINE account must be associated with a Taiwan LINE user.

(4) POINT CODE validity and unusable conditions:

- Used POINT CODEs cannot be redeemed again.

- POINT CODEs have an expiration date, and once expired, they cannot be used. The redemption period is 729 days from the effective date, and the usage period is within 180 days after the last acquisition. The organizer is not responsible for expired or invalid POINT CODEs.

(5) POINT CODEs cannot be reissued: In case of loss, theft, or tampering with POINT CODEs, they cannot be reissued.

- For POINTS usage methods, please refer to the LINE POINTS support center:

- For POINT CODE issues, please inquire through the LINE "Feedback Form" webpage:

10.SF Express Taiwan will assist in handling prize-related matters. According to Taiwan tax regulations, if the prize amount exceeds NT$1,000, the prize income will be included in the individual's annual comprehensive income tax filing. Therefore, winners must provide a photocopy of their ID and fill out and submit relevant receipts to claim the prize. If the winner is a company, please attach a photocopy of the company's change registration and the ID of the person in charge. The company's official and invoice seals must be affixed to the prize receipt form. If the winner is a minor without an ID, please attach a photocopy of the household registration and the ID of one guardian. If the total amount of prize income exceeds NT$20,000, the winner is responsible for a 10% winning tax, deducted by the organizer according to the law. If the winner is a non-resident individual in Taiwan or a profit-making business without a fixed place of business in Taiwan, a 20% winning tax is applied. If the winner refuses to cooperate with the above, it is considered an automatic waiver of the prize and disqualification.

11.On the day of the draw, witnessed by the legal personnel of the organizer, the lucky winner will be drawn.

12.Please confirm the accuracy of your personal information. If incorrect information leads to inability to contact or send the prize, it is considered a waiver of the right to the prize.

13.The organizer reserves the right to review the qualifications of participants. If any participant is found to use malicious computer programs or other obvious violations of the fairness of the event, or if there is evidence of not meeting the qualifications of the event, the organizer, upon discovery or upon third-party reports, has the right to immediately cancel participation and winning qualifications, and may reclaim prizes (or equivalent amounts). Participants may not object to this decision.

14.The filing of awards and receipt must be by the same person as the winner, and there shall be no request for transfer or conversion of filing to another person.

15.For matters not covered in the prize description, the winner must refer to the notification for details. Winners may not request changes to prizes, cash exchanges, discounts, or any adjustments.

16.Participants agree to abide by the rules and precautions of this event, and violation may result in disqualification. In case of any violation, the organizer has the right to seek compensation for damages caused.

17.The company will use the personal information provided by you (including name, phone number, and email) solely for customer service history filing, data statistical surveys and analysis, express business, marketing promotions, event notifications, and related cooperative business services. During the necessary period for the above purposes, the company is limited to collecting, processing, and using your personal information in Taiwan SF Express Co., Ltd.'s service scope in appropriate ways such as paper, electronic files, or other methods suitable for current scientific and technological conditions. You have the right to exercise (1) the right to inquire or view, (2) the right to produce copies, (3) the right to request supplementation or correction, and (4) the right to request cessation of collection, processing, and use or deletion. If the exercise of these rights results in a reduction of rights, the company is not responsible for compensation.

18.Employees of SF Express Taiwan are not eligible to participate in this event.

19.If, for special reasons beyond control, this event cannot be executed, SF Express Taiwan Co., Ltd. has the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend this event without any compensation liability.

20.In case of any discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions of the promotional content, terms, and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

21.SF Express Taiwan Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify the event content, duration, and related terms and conditions. In case of any disputes, SF Express Taiwan Co., Ltd. has the final interpretation and decision-making rights.

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